With little left of his $100M worth, John McAfee now lives in an apartment in Canada

It’s been a while since we heard about John McAfee. It was last year in 2012 when he fled from Belize on being questioned by the police for his neighbor’s death. McAfee’s jungle compound was raided after he escaped, and everything he owned was supposedly seized by the government. Moreover, every building on his property got burnt down under suspicious conditions.


John McAfee Net Worth

Back in the year 2010, McAfee’s antivirus software company was bought by Intel (INTC, Fortune 500) and they have now planned to re-brand it as Intel Security. And while the software is being re-branded, its creator, John McAfee is living in an apartment in Montreal.

When spoken to, John McAfee told CNN Money that he is left with nothing but a very small fraction of his net worth, which once amounted to $100 million. First, he managed to survive the market crash in 2008, but last year was the worst! He further went on to tell CNN Money that, whatever he owned was in Belize and after he fled, everything was either destroyed or auctioned.

The man who gave us McAfee security software now lives in Montreal, Canada with his wife Janice. John McAfee is an advisor to organizations on internal restructuring, technology and acquisition. He likes to explore the local restaurants and stroll through the art galleries of the city. John McAfee has turned 68 and is also working on a feature-length documentary with a Montreal-based Media house, which is based on his own life story. On its completion, he has plans of going back to his home in Santa Cruz, California.

When asked about his runaway and current scenario with the Belize police, John McAfee persisted that he is no longer an absconding case and just trying to live peacefully. On Intel’s re-branding, McAfee said that last year when he escaped, Intel should’ve leveraged the press attention instead of shying away from the name McAfee.

“Roll with it. Hire a creative marketing team and see what you can do with this. There’s something wrong with the marketing department. They’re taking life too seriously”.

Well, Intel has not responded to McAfee’s comments, what’s your take?

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  1. Sandip

    I would say his time is gonna come back wait till April 2014

  2. McAfee Truth

    It’s game over. He is now a guy who once made an antivirus program. Was kicked out of his own company. Sold his shares a year later for $100 million and quickly lost every dime he had. He began making videos to defame Intel / McAfee Antivirus when Intel said they would NOT HIRE HIM. It’s a fact. When he became a liability to the brand, they changed the name.

    Before he left Guatemala he sold his life story to a DVD Pirate in Montreal Canada named Francois Garcia, Hours after landing in Miami, Florida he hooked up with a career prostitute named Janice Dyson. He has since been evicted from a 958 sq. ft. apartment in Portland, Oregon and ran to Montreal, Canada to escape a Wrongful Death Lawsuit filed by the Estate of the murder victim Greg Faull.

    The only reason anyone in the press gives this man a few minutes of soundbites is because sometimes news days are slow and John is increasingly entertaining with his threat of Cyber Armageddon brought upon the world by Chinese manufactured Toasters, Tea Kettles and Refrigerators.

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