Macbook cracks threaten to upset Apple cart

Apple is refusing to formally acknowledge a widespread design flaw in its Macbook products that could develop into a major PR disaster and spark a recall.

macbook cracks


The fault occurs in the range of Macbook laptops with plastic cases that have been on the market for several years and are still being offered for sale by Apple.

Scores of customers have reported that, within months of them buying the laptops, cracks and hairline stress fractures appear in the plastic chassis, particularly around the palm rest, hinges, input/output ports, back corners and air vents.

The issue is so widespread that there is a group on the Flickr photo sharing website dedicated to the issue with hundreds of photographs from people with cracking Macbooks.

A US law firm, Seeger Weiss, is investigating the issue for a potential class action lawsuit and is calling on affected customers to come forward.


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