Microsoft absorbs MS Open Technology, on its way to Open Source

While declaring that someday the code of Windows operating system will go public, creating a buzz for days, the software giant has now Microsoft Open Technology back to its main company after creating over 2000 open source programs. The MS Open Technology was part of Microsoft Redmond that creates open source programs that can be found on a variety of platforms including GitHub and CodePlex.


Microsoft Open Technologies

Microsoft Open Technology

This only shows that Microsoft really means to go more open source in future as the firewall between the company and the MS Open technology has been brought down. They are now to function together. Microsoft Redmond will decide which projects are to go open source and which ones are to be kept confidential. Microsoft says the MS Open Technologies has achieved its aims and hence been absorbed back into the main company. The members of MS Open Technologies will play a better role in the open source programs in teams across the company. This would include the creation of Microsoft Open Technology Programs Office.

It is said that the MS Open Technologies has created over 2000 projects for Microsoft that are available for scrutiny at GitHub and CodePlex. The projects include open source .Net, Docker, MS Build, etc. There is a perception though that the MS Open Technologies removes proprietary code before uploading the MS programs and projects as open source to different open source websites. There is no wrong in doing so as many companies also practice the method. Such programs are partially open sourced and anyone can fill in the gap created (by removing the proprietary code) with own code.

Announcing its decision, Microsoft says:

MS Open Tech has reached its key goals, and open source technologies and engineering practices are rapidly becoming mainstream across Microsoft. It’s now time for MS Open Tech to rejoin Microsoft Corp, and help the company take its next steps in deepening its engagement with open source and open standards.

While it remains to be seen if at all and ever, Windows operating system will really go open source, there is now more hope for other projects (being open sourced) readily available both for scrutiny and to add additional features (and programs) to Microsoft projects by MS and non-MS developers.

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