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Microsoft announces PowerToys in a preview

Microsoft announces PowerToys in preview

PowerToys were a set of system utilities from the times of Windows 95 and Windows XP. However, it was slowly discontinued as the Windows operating systems got updated. However, the legacy version of PowerToys had various utilities. Microsoft has now […]

Changing browser experience

Microsoft open sources PowerToys

If PowerToys rings a bell, then I am pretty sure you had used Windows XP. These were small tweak from Windows engineers to test prototype features, and many of them were made public. They included quick resolutions like change resolution, […]

Open source debugging and diagnostic tool

Windows 10 to ship with DTrace open source debugging and diagnostic tool

Windows 10 will now be shipped with DTrace, an open source debugging and diagnostic tool. DTrace will be shipped in Windows 10 v1903, according to the announcement on Microsoft Tech Community. The spokesperson of Microsoft mentioned that by including DTrace […]

Windows Calculator is now Open Source

The Windows Calculator has grown from being a basic calculator to an advanced one. Going further, Microsoft has announced to open source Windows Calculator on GitHub. The most significant advantage which I see is all those calculator apps for Windows […]

Microsoft open-sources UEFI/BIOS from Surface for any PC maker to use

Microsoft over the years has slowly been showing its acceptance of open source, and this was made even more clear when the company announced it was about to acquire GitHub. Now, the software giant is making another step forward in […]

Microsoft PowerShell is now open sourced and available on Linux

Microsoft has done something rather interesting recently. The company decided to open source its PowerShell tool, so now, it’s available on Linux. This shouldn’t be surprising seeing as Microsoft has come to understand that folks use multiple computers with different […]

LinkedIn won’t change Open Source strategy despite Microsoft acquisition

Before Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, the company was very much interested in Open Source and has been developing its technology to focus in that direction. One might believe that due to the software giant now taking control of the company, LinkedIn […]

Microsoft releases its own Distribution of FreeBSD operating system

Microsoft earlier was averse to the idea of Open-source software but that’s a thing of the past. The recent announcement from the software giant indicates the change of guard. Yes, Microsoft has decided to add Azure support of FreeBSD. As […]


Microsoft to Open Source Chakra; Microsoft Edge’s JavaScript engine

Today, on 5th Dec, Microsoft announced that Chakra, Microsoft Edge’s JavaScript engine, will now be open-source. With this, new opportunities will open up in the world of software, cloud-based services and Internet of Things. The core components of this engine which […]

Microsoft and Red Hat announce a Partnership

Redmond giant Microsoft and Red Hat, the Linux vendor are now partners. The companies recently revealed their partnership via official blog posts. The sole aim of this partnership according to the companies is to help users deploying the Red Hat […]

Microsoft now offers Open-Source software for academics

Microsoft now offers Open-Source software for academics. A recent project web page developed by Microsoft Research Team says that the Redmond giant will now offer Open Source code for its research projects and key software for the educational purposes. Open […]

Windows Bridge

Microsoft releases Windows Bridge for iOS as Open Source

Microsoft seems to introduce unique ways to reach out to people across the globe with its products. Just when everyone was excited for the release of Windows 10 operating system and its free upgrade; Microsoft released Windows Bridge for iOS […]

Open source multiple AV Scanner

PlagueScanner, an Open Source multiple AV scanner framework released

Recently, GitHub published an open source multiple AV scanner framework, called as PlagueScanner. This open source multiple AV scanner framework is created by security researcher Robert Simmons. PlagueScanner framework is quite similar to the popular AV scanner owned by Google, VirusTotal. […]

Microsoft open sources WorldWide Telescope under the MIT license

Microsoft has open sourced Worldwide Telescope under the MIT License.  Now Worldwide Telescope will be an independent project and will be a part of the .NET foundation. Earlier this year Microsoft had decided that the WorldWide Telescope be made available […]

windows live writer

Microsoft will Open-Source Windows Live Writer

Microsoft will now open source its Windows Live Writer tool, says Microsoft’s Scott Hanselman via his tweet on June 10. This is truly great news for lovers of this popular blogging tool. Released back in 2006, Microsoft’s Live Writer is […]

Microsoft Open Technologies

Microsoft absorbs MS Open Technology, on its way to Open Source

While declaring that someday the code of Windows operating system will go public, creating a buzz for days, the software giant has now Microsoft Open Technology back to its main company after creating over 2000 open source programs. The MS […]

Microsoft’s ConnectTheDots IoT project adds support to Band Sensors

A new update on Microsoft’s open source IoT (Internet of Things) project “ConnectTheDots” brings support to Microsoft Band sensors. Microsoft Open Technologies’ project aims at connecting tiny devices to Microsoft Azure and to provide IoT solutions in coherence with […]

Open Source is no longer taboo to Microsoft, according to Mark Russinovich

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has been the historic closed-software producer in the world, with its proprietary products, services and now online services. However, along with being the doyen of paid-for-software services, the company has also significantly contributed to the development of […]

Microsoft releases the Preview of WinJS 4.0

Microsoft has released the preview of WinJS 4.0. WinJS is an Open Source JavaScript library by Microsoft which addresses the needs of web developers. The previous update on this library – WinJS 3.0, was focussed on cross-browser compatibility. By releasing […]

Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft open sources .NET & delivers new tools and capabilities

Microsoft had made an important announcement. The company announced its plans to open source the entire .NET framework to millions of developers across the globe. The .NET framework, which has been used as the programming model by developers to develop […]

WinJS Open Source

Microsoft makes WinJS JavaScript library Open Source

On April 2nd, 2014 Microsoft Open Tech made the WinJS Javascript Library as an Open Source. The source code of WinJS or Windows Library for JavaScript was released under the Apache 2.0 license. As per this news, the source code […]

MS-DOS and Word for Windows code goes Open Source

The company that started with a simple OS, has grown into a potential global corporation with over 100,000-plus employees in a few short decades. As the figures stands, Microsoft has managed to sell more than 200 million licenses of Windows […]

Macecraft JV16 PowerTools to go Open Source?

Most of us are familiar with JV16 PowerTools, and its watered down freeware version, PowerTools Lite, released by Macecraft. You would be glad to know that  Macecraft Software is now, after a decade of active development, considering going open-source, and  […]

Open-Xchange Launches Open Source Office Productivity Suite

Open source software developer, Open-Xchange is all set to launch its cloud based office productivity suite – OX Documents. The browser-based alternative office suite is built using HTML 5 and Javascript technology & mainly feature an in-browser word processing tool known as […]