Windows Calculator is now Open Source

The Windows Calculator has grown from being a basic calculator to an advanced one. Going further, Microsoft has announced to open source Windows Calculator on GitHub. The most significant advantage which I see is all those calculator apps for Windows can easily use it as a base and make advanced versions.


Microsoft open sources Windows Calculator

The open sourcing of Windows Calculator is under MIT license. It includes source code, build system unit test and product roadmap. Microsoft is looking for a fresh perspective from developers and consumers to make it outstanding. It is going to be maintained by Microsoft, and those who like can contribute as well.

As developers, if you would like to know how different parts of the Calculator app work, easily integrate Calculator logic or UI into your own applications, or contribute directly to something that ships in Windows, now you can. Calculator will continue to go through all usual testing, compliance, security, quality processes, and Insider flighting, just as we do for our other applications.

Since the source code is available, developers can look at how different sections of Calculator app work. They can then integrate with either own logic or UI into their application. Microsoft has also confirmed that the app will continue to go through frequent testing. It also includes passing through phases including Insider Flighting.

Lastly, the Redmond giant has also invited developers to participate in the development of the Windows Calculator.It will follow the standard GitHub flow. Developers can contribute at all stages. It includes discussions, report or fix issues, suggest new ideas, prototype new features, and design and builds with Microsoft engineers.

To share that Microsoft is very serious about it, here is a roadmap part that they have shared already.

In 2019, the Windows Calculator team will be focused on:

  1. Refining open source development process on GitHub
  2. Iterating upon the existing app design based on the latest Fluent Design guidelines
  3. Improving testing and diagnostics within the project
  4. Investigating new features with a focus on addressing top user feedback, including:
    • Adding the ability for users to pin Calculator on top of other windows
    • Providing additional customization options.

Read more about it in the documentation on GitHub.

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