Microsoft add Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages to Translator

Microsoft Translator now supports 50 languages with three new languages added to the list. Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian are the three languages recently added to the list of Microsoft Translator’s support languages. Primarily spoken in South East Europe, Italy, and Green, these three languages are almost same in translator

Millions of people, every year visit the nations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia and helping the tourists was the sole purpose of adding these languages in the list.

We are excited to launch these translation systems, making it possible for people around the globe to have a richer understanding of these cultures and this area of the world”, says Team Microsoft.

Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina is constantly developing and has been supporting the economy of the country significantly. Microsoft Translator is widely used in these countries and adding these new languages will certainly help the tourists.

Whether you are on a business trip or on a family holiday, Microsoft Translator can become a great companion to you. It helps you translating your native language to the language of the country you are visiting, no matter you are using it via Bing Translator app on your Windows Phone or on the desktop.

The Microsoft Translator automatically detects the language you are trying to translate and the speech input system helps you translations even with your native accent. The history feature of Microsoft translator helps you viewing previously translated texts and helps with the frequently used terms and phrases.

You can now communicate in 50 different languages from Africa to Asia, North America to Europe and even Klingon. If you are worried of the network connection while you are on the go, you can download the offline language packs which will help you use the service without paying the expensive data roaming charges. These packages helps you translating even your device is offline.

If you have any questions and queries, you can use the Microsoft Translator Forum.

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