Latest Translator news.

Mac gets Translator for Outlook add-in Support

Outlook app on Mac now comes equipped with a Translator add-in. The Translator feature was one of the most sought after and Microsoft has shared the announcement that the Translator will not be available just on the Mac but also […]

Microsoft Translator app rolls out Personal Universal Translator

People from different regions find language as a barrier to effective communication. Not anymore! Microsoft Translator now features a technology – Personal Universal Translator – that translates in-person conversations in real time with up to 100 speakers using their own smartphone, […]

Microsoft add Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages to Translator

Microsoft Translator now supports 50 languages with three new languages added to the list. Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian are the three languages recently added to the list of Microsoft Translator’s support languages. Primarily spoken in South East Europe, Italy, and […]