Microsoft Antimalware Support for Windows XP expires today

Microsoft Antimalware Support for Windows XP finally ends today. As announced last year, Redmond giant was providing the anti-malware updates for the security apps running on Windows XP till July 14, however, the support for Windows XP ended in April 2014. As of today July 15, 2015, the operating system will no longer get the anti-malware signature and engine

“We strongly recommend that you complete your migration to a supported operating system as soon as possible so that you can receive regular security updates to help protect your computer from malicious attacks”, says Microsoft.

Despite the fact that Windows XP is the third most commonly used operating system worldwide, it will no longer get the support from Microsoft, and has now become vulnerable to all kind of virus attacks and malware. It will now become even more prone to malicious virus attacks. Corporates using Windows XP may now face security issues, and may have to resort to using 3rd-party security software,

If you are still using Windows XP, it is strongly recommended to upgrade your operating system to a newer version of Windows. The best option would be to migrate from Windows XP. Users are suggested to use the proper plans to upgrade the operating system to Windows 7 /8  or higher.

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  1. Eternal Optimist

    Time to stop flogging a dead horse folks.

  2. John E Reese

    True XP is gone from MS but not from the home computer. One thing if you want to run old DOS 16 bit program, you can under XP without any additional software and all the shortcut keys work just fine but under third party software just does not work. I know of several people who are still using XP, but they stand alone with no connection to outside world (No internet) and using some type of 16 bit software. Then there the problem of hardware, in most cases video card on the laptop will not support the newer directx or no hardware updates for Windows Vista to 10 to support newer OS. Again you can’t upgrade without new hardware and if a laptop then you are out of luck.

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