Microsoft awarded Patent for using Touch Screen Mobile Device

Microsoft Corporation has been recently awarded a Patent for using a Touch Screen Mobile Device as a Graphic Tablet Input Device.

Patent Details:

A system and method for using a mobile device having a touch screen as a graphics tablet input device for a user computer is disclosed.

A graphics tablet application executing at the mobile device displays a simulated graphics tablet surface and, optionally, programmable or non-programmable soft buttons.

The graphics tablet application configures the mobile device to be recognized as a graphics tablet input device when connected to the user computer and sends an indication of user input to the user computer.

A mobile device support pad stabilizes the mobile device while it is used as a graphics tablet input device.

A recess in the support pad having length, width, and depth dimensions that are substantially similar to dimensions of the mobile device restricts movement of the mobile device and places the touch screen of the mobile device in substantially the same plane as a top surface of the support pad.

Thanks: Ankur | Details: US Patent & Trademark Office website.

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