Latest Patent news.

Microsoft patents a dynamic E-ink Keyboard Cover

Most of the OEM’s are looking out to reinvent the keyboard and as a result, we have been witnessing a  new range of smart keyboards including the ones offered by Microsoft and also the Lenovo Yoga Book’s Halo Keyboard. It […]

Microsoft files for a Dynamic Display Resolution patent

Microsoft’s latest patent application reveals an interesting piece of technology that we might very well see in the immediate feature. As all of us know the resolution of the display is only as good as the distance between the screen […]

Microsoft renews its Wearable Personal Information System Patent

It is widely known that Microsoft has no plans to continue its wearable series, with the Band 2 taken off the shelves last month, and no signs of a Band 3 in production or testing phase. But this development comes […]

Microsoft files a new Patent Application for Windows 10 Lock Screen

Microsoft is planning to add an extra layer of defense to Windows 10 computers. The company has filed a new patent application that attempts to make Windows 10 lock screen more resistant to data compromise. Microsoft Patent Application for Windows 10 […]

Microsoft just patented an on-screen fingerprint sensor

A familiar applicant by the name of ‘MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSING, LLC’ just filed a patent with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) for ‘Fingerprint Detection with Transparent Cover‘. Windows Mobile phones have had security features including Iris Scanner in the […]

Microsoft inks Mobile Technology Patent Agreement with Luna Mobile

Microsoft has announced a patent partnership with Luna Mobile that will allow the stakeholders to expand the smartphone and tablet technology for customers globally. The deal comes at a time when Luna Mobiles is readying its new line-up of smartphones […]

Microsoft and Fuji Xerox enters new cross-licensing agreement

On Thursday, 19th March, Microsoft made an announcement that it is updating their cross-licensing agreement with Fuji Xerox. The cross-licensing agreement between Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd and Microsoft Technology, first happened in 2007, where both the companies had agreed to […]

Microsoft files patent for Hinges for dual-screens devices

Microsoft Corporation is known for having a portfolio of patents in its name and has emerged as one of the most prolific patent holders in the United States. The Redmond Giant also holds some of the vital licences relating to […]