Microsoft beats Apple in Customer Satisfaction

Microsoft got a bigger boost in customer satisfaction from its latest computer operating system than rival Apple Inc. did from its most recent upgrade. 

A study shows that respondents giving Microsoft a positive grade for satisfaction rose to 67 percent in the week after the Oct. 22 release of Windows 7, from 64 percent the day before it went on sale, according to YouGov Plc, a London-based market-research firm.

Microsoft’s satisfaction rates rose 14 percent through the end of the year.

Apple’s Aug. 28 release of its Snow Leopard software resulted in a boost of 1 point to 65 percent in the first week. Through the end of the year, the increase was 6.9 percent.

Microsoft’s Windows runs more than 90 percent of the world’s personal computers.


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  1. WolvenSpectre

    Thats like saying a kid who skips school and doesn’t do all their homework then halfway through the year actually shows up and does his work wins the most improved student award.

    Also, from what I have read most of the versions of Windows 7 bought out there were with new machines that were replacing underpowered XP PCs, so the change between what the owners previously had and what they now have would play a large part.

    Finally it should be taken into account that these types of studies if done on a small enough group of people could have a margin of error upto 4%. If the case is that for this study, that means that people are equally satisfied with both. If that is the case I think this is pretty much a non-story.

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