Microsoft to block the open free Windows 10 Upgrade for users using Assistive Technologies

Microsoft may discontinue the Windows 10 free upgrade offer for customers who use Assistive Technologies. While the free Windows 10 upgrade campaign has ended on July 29, some users are taking advantage of this offer from Microsoft to avail of the free upgrade offer, whether or not they really use assistive technologies. wwindows 10 free upgrade

Earlier last month, Microsoft said,

“For the general public, the free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ends on 29 July. However, if you use assistive technologies, you can still get the free upgrade offer even after the general public deadline expires as Microsoft continues our efforts to improve the Windows 10 experience for people who use these technologies.”

An alternative way for genuine customers who use Assistive Technologies

Now this particular page was specifically designed and developed for the users with challenges. While the free Windows 10 upgrade was stopped for all users on 29th July, this offer was still available for the users using these assistive features. Seeing the abuse of this discounted service, Microsoft has decided to stop giving free upgrade even to the users with assistive technology features – in the current form at least.

The genuine users with challenges can, however, contact the company via the Disability Answer Desk and get the free upgrade after proper verification.

A post on the Windows SubReddit states,

We have noticed that there are a lot of threads and articles lately regarding using a link for those requiring assistive technologies to upgrade to Windows 10 after July 29th, 2016.

Assistive technologies are for those with disabilities and who cannot use a computer in a conventional manner (e.g. narrators for the blind, eye tracking machines for those unable to move a mouse, suck and puff machines, etc). Unless you use those, please do not use the link floating about to late upgrade.

As it stands, that method of upgrading is based on an honour rule. However, having spoken with MS earlier today, they inform me that within the next couple of weeks that webpage and tool will be removed and instead require you to contact MS support directly to upgrade this way. This is being done, to, (direct quote) stop people who are currently abusing the tool.

Seeing the abuse of this offer, Microsoft may withdraw the web page and the relevant tools of the upgrade very soon.

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  1. Elias

    ridiculous. I need install win10 because i was gifted with a tablet win 8.1 only now.

    i’ll try this method yes. I’m poor rsrsrsrs

  2. Boohoohoo

    Boohoo Microsoft… heaven forbid you try and ram this version of Windows down everyones throats, then pull the free upgrade when you finally get it stable.

    This method above still works just fine for the non disabled, and infact is discrimination to offer it free to only disabled persons.

  3. Joanne Higgins

    OK, let me understand this correctly. Everyone, whether needing assistive technologies or not, had the same open window to get the free Windows 10 upgrade. And Microsoft offers people who need an assistive technology to use their computers some extra time to get their free upgrade. But because of some A**HOLES, MORONS, and IDIOTS who, for whatever reason, didn’t get the upgrade when it was available to them, decide to LIE about being disabled so they can CHEAT Microsoft out of a few bucks and STEAL the upgrade, Microsoft decides to pull the offer back. Instead, they make it so that the people who have to use assistive technologies (and have a difficult enough time using their computer already) now have to go through the additional hassle of contacting Microsoft’s Disability Answer Desk and probably go through some humiliating process of verifying just how disabled they are, all so they can get some software that they otherwise could have gotten just by using an honor system.

    You may ask why didn’t they just get it during the open window that everyone else had? Well, I guess they could have, except that’s the funny thing about needing assistive technologies. For example, maybe some of them were LEGALLY BLIND and could not SEE THE NOTICES about the WINDOWS 10 UPGRADE. It doesn’t matter why. What matters is that — and I can’t believe I am saying this — Microsoft tried to do the right thing and extend a hand to some people who are usually ignored by corporations, but instead of being screwed by the corporation, these people ended up getting screwed by “some” (maybe a handful, certainly not a large number) of their fellow Americans. These people saw that something was set up on an “honor” system and, having no idea what an HONOR SYSTEM IS, figured that it’s only STEALING if you get caught.

  4. Rodrigo Aguilar

    Lol, relax, trust me they don’t care. The profit they make off Windows 10 is greater than you purchasing it yourself. If they were loosing money they would end the program, or at least ensure that people even have disabilities.

  5. Majestic

    So much for that block

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