Microsoft Canada launches a PC vs Mac Do-the-math website

Last August, Microsoft USA had launched a PC vs Mac website, which compared the Windows 7 operating system with the Mac OS X. Now Microsoft Canada has launched a new PC vs Mac “Do-the-math” website.

This website compares a Mac computer against a Windows computer. It compares Price, RAM, Processor, Tech specs, color options, online storage, etc.

The choice is yours. When you a buy a PC this summer, you’ll have tons of cash left over to spend on other things. Still not convinced? Select a Mac from the bar below and see how it measures up against a PC.

You have the option to compare Windows 7 laptop offerings from various companies like Toshiba, HP, etc against a MacBook 13, MacBook Air 11, MacBook Air 13, MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Pro 15, MacBook Pro 17, iMac 21.5 and iMac 27.

The website urges you to do the math. If you get it right, you could win a PC!

Head over to Microsoft Canada to have a look at it.

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