Microsoft to celebrate with its fans globally on Windows 10 launch

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  1. if Microsoft thinks windows 10 is better than 8.1 some one needs to tell them they are dreaming

  2. And so, as usually, the negative critics goes, among some users.

    Then tell MS that they are dreaming, don’t just write it here, it’s a little late now, only days before the final release.

    You properly was against W8/8.1 when that came, and had properly some issues when Vista came “here I must agree though :-)” and then many climbing to XP and wouldn’t let go.

    What MS are doing is called evolution.

    I have accepted most versions of Windows, I never had my hands on ME so I have only heard rumours, but regarding Vista I did feel frustrated over the many flaws, but after SP1 most was solved, but there was still some flaws to be sorted out, and those I managed my self.

    The change from W7 to W8/8.1 made a huge fuss from the masses.
    And I mean masses, the mass hysteria was hideous, but the only things they babbled about was the Metro interface, and the missing start button, and that could be fixed with Calssic Shell, but the many would not listen “it was just so unfair to them” they felt, so instead they listened to their local IT-guru who had never known any other system than XP, and could only manage that and nothing else, the IT guru told them NOT TO upgrade to W8 hence they missed a cheap new and by any means far better system then XP, and the now free W10.
    They are now sitting with an old system, and if they want the new system they has to pay full prise.

    They was using the same expressions over W8 as you are now using over W10.

    And all it’s about is the fear of changes, they wont it all should remain the same.

    But with W8, MS throw the glove (an ugly one indeed), and all we have to do is to pick it up, and instead of throwing it back or slap MS on the cheek, you are taking the glove and yell at it, because that is what every one else are doing.
    Instead you should take this glove, look at it and say to your self, “well this is one ugly, useless glove, what can I do to make it better?”

    That’s what I did, I installed Classic Shell on W8/8.1 (though rarely used it, I’m still use keyboard short-cuts as always, it way faster than point and click in most matters)

    My experience with W10 has a wast variety of feelings, among them also the one you mentioned, at first glance it do look hideous, but I took the glove and look at it and said, it must contain more than this.
    And it did, some things was and still is putting my patience on the edge, but I keep fighting, and I keep telling MS where there are issues to attend.

    They do listen, but only if we ourself contribute to the evolution of W10. If we do not, we letting everyone else contribute and W10 will look more like they want it than what you and I want it to be.

    As I said, I have been on the edge of my patience with W10, but my stubbornness and curiosity has as usually also made me fight, and I have now only a few weeks of the final release of W10, managed to accept the new and in many ways improved system, and I do mean improved! And I have as usual made my own ways through the system, and at the same time learned the new system very well as always (I don’t fear changes).
    The new look and user interaction are made to satisfy the common “low level” user, by that I do not mean anything negative, but the system will be easier for the wast majority of users to use and make them feel more likely to use the system.

    MS has to make the system appeal to as many users as possible, and it do, the new users will accept it.
    I then must use my skills to adapt it to my needs, MS can not make 7 billion different editions of the same system.

    And by doing as they have done now, they has excluded many inadequate fussy fingers form poking in the system (those who do not know what they are doing), and still leave the system open for me.

    I know I sound harsh but I’m not really, I’m just tired to read or listen to the many usual “quotes” the way some people constantly whining the same over and over again, afraid of changes.
    And in their anger they forget to listen to those who has found a way out of the problems.

    It wasn’t directly the huge whining over the missing startmenu that made MS change their mind, it was Classic Shell and others like it, these small programs managed all the negative sides of W8/8.1 and still let you use the Metro interface if you wanted to, it was all up to you.

    I keep writing (you) by that I mean the many who whining but not doing anything to change things.

  3. Just because it’s not up to YOUR expectations doesn’t mean it’s not good. Maybe if you were an insider such as myself and hundreds of thousands of others you could have had some say and input on some of it’s features and the final product but obviously you weren’t, so really you have no room to speak. As for myself and millions of others, Windows 10 is worlds better than 8 / 8.1

  4. I have try a few of the insider version of windows 10 and I do agree that Microsoft have made some needed changes but they have left the only thing that really gets me angry and that the tile if they took them out it would make windows 10 a thousand times better then windows 8.1 but for some strange reason they have left them in so we will just have to suffer a bit longer I suggest to Microsoft a long time ago that there was no need for the tiles.

  5. This release day celebration makes me think of that scene in Tron Legacy. Wouldn’t that be awkward. Unlike ENCOM, however, Microsoft is giving the OS away free, so not quite the same I guess.

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