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14 million devices running Windows 10 already

It has been just a day – 24 hours of Windows 10 release to the public, and the response has been great. There were worldwide launch celebrations of Windows 10 . Be it Sydney, Nairobi, London, New York or New […]

Windows 10

Microsoft set to celebrate Windows 10 Launch in Style

Ahead on Windows 10 launch date, July 29, Microsoft has planned to celebrate the occasion with a number of special events, giveaways and more. The software giant will be organizing a series of in-store activities and events across more than […]

Microsoft to celebrate with its fans globally on Windows 10 launch

Microsoft will make available Windows 10 on July 29 across 190 countries as a free upgrade and with new PCs and tablets. And to celebrate the event with its fans globally, Microsoft announced its plans about the Windows 10 launch. […]

Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft details dates for July’s big releases

July is a big month for Microsoft as the Redmond-based multinational IT Giant prepares for some major releases this summer. Microsoft is releasing Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10, and the Universal Windows App Development Tools, that includes the Windows 10 […]

Windows 10 Mobile for Phone coming this September

Windows 10 for PCs and tablets is slated to be launched on July 29 and now we learn Windows 10 Mobile for Phone could follow this release. Windows 10 Mobile for Phone is likely to be released in late September. […]


Windows 10 to launch in late July according to AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su

Windows 10, the long-awaited Microsoft operating system, could hit store shelves in July if AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, is to be believed. She made the announcement in a company earning call last week, and for many reasons, it makes sense. […]

Windows 10

Windows 10 to launch this summer across 190 countries in 111 languages!

Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 this summer of 2015 globally. While Microsoft has not announced the exact date of launch, Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Operating Systems, Microsoft shared today, its summer launch. Terry, speaking at the Windows Hardware Engineering […]

Microsoft Ventures launched, to encourage Entreprenuers

After the success of its ‘Big Fund’ and ‘BizSpark’ programs, Microsoft has come forward with a new initiative to encourage entrepreneurship and has named it as ‘Microsoft Ventures’. The company wishes to make create a stress free atmosphere for new […]

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Microsoft launches BI Labs

Microsoft has many labs under its belt. Office Labs, Microsoft Fused Labs, DevLabs, etc.  These labs are meant for showcasing the technologies  which can be later converted into full-fledged commercial products.

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Microsoft partners with 29 of India’s most visited websites

Microsoft India has announced its latest browser Internet Explorer 9 for consumers in India. Unveiled at TechEd India 2011, Internet Explorer 9 enables a richer, more immersive web experience by enriching consumers’ of the websites that they love to visit.

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17 games to be released for XBox 360 Kinect 12 games at launch.

On November 4th, Microsoft will officially launch Kinect to the public with 12 games being available at launch followed by 5 more by the end of November. Preorders are quickly selling out as the much anticipated controller free device gets […]