Microsoft set to celebrate Windows 10 Launch in Style

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  1. For anyone who has trawled through the insider comments, Windows 10 is gong to present a few challenges in the firts year, the reason why MS is giving it away to people with “qualifying windows versions” is to massage the popularity figures and to give microsoft a large pool of unpaid beta testers. thay are playing on the principle that people will opt in for a free upgrage rather than pay for an OS that may not be all it is cracked up to be.. in addition W10 was designed specifically to destroy or undermine independent OS developers.. if you plan on dual booting with Linux your options are going to be severely limited. another thing to consider, MS “worked closedly” with the Linux community not because they inherently care about Linux but because they want to clean room the best features of Linux and rewrite them as proprietory code.. dig into the commandline offered by windows 10 and make your comparisons. you’ll get an idea from that. having said that the features that Do work on windows 10 work well.

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