Microsoft clears doubts on Windows 10 Insiders upgrade offer

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  1. So as far as I understand now, the Insider will get the same build as the 29/6 final build, but he/she will have to continue to be in the Insider program and keep testing and using it, in order to get the next build/s. The moment he exits, the new builds stop. Moreover, the builds of the OS he gets will be the pre-release untested builds.

    So it not “free” as such. You have to be a tester – and test the pre-release OS. Something like being a beta tester for a beta software and giving back feedback. Do this and you get the next build. Even if you dont give active fedback, Microsoft will get automatic feedback about the crashes and issues you face on this pre-release software.

    The Windows 10 free upgrade for licenced genuine users will on the other hand, give you the finished product which would be stable.

    So in my opinion, you do not get Windows 10 free. What you get and keep getting is the pre-release version builds, before they are released to the public as finished products. In short – remain a beta-tester and you get Windows 10 preview builds to use.

    Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

  2. Right on point!
    I knew Microsoft would never make it free outright because doing so would definitely affect the company’s profit margin. Since staying in the beta means possible unstable software, I doubt many users would want to do so.
    I must say though, could going down this path cause for less people to pirate Windows 10 when compared to other versions of the operating system?

  3. In a way yes but the Insider program is meant for getting the test bits before it goes to the public. And Microsoft clearly mentions about “Download and install the Preview only if…” and also advises not to install on everyday comp. Also the Insider will have the option of opting out of Insider after installing the RTM. And he’ll continue to get the Windows 10 updates in a regular way. And may be he can again register for WIP using a different I hope Microsoft will still allow users to register even after Windows 10 release on 29/7……
    Other TWC readers can add, discuss further and provide their POV.

  4. ok, just to be clear: so if i install Win10 Insider on my MacBook via virtual machine, I won’t get a license when the final version comes out? Or will I?

  5. “Windows Insider program is to be installed on Genuine Windows device only.”

    I’m guessing the answer to that would be, no.

  6. “Windows Insider program is to be installed on Genuine Windows device only.”

    I’m thinking the answer to that would be, no.

  7. So essentially on can be an insider, not qualify for the upgrade but as long as they stay an insider they can keep using and testing Windows 10 and their systems will be upgraded as needed with everyone else on all future builds ….. so long as Microsoft doesn’t pull the plug on the insider program they will have a free version of Windows 10.
    Can someone explain this to Dave’s Computer Tips? because there are a few over there that really just don’t get it.

  8. As an insider, if you remain an insider, yes your build which is the RTM build (the same as everyone else’s build on 7.29 ) will remain a preview build whether or not your system qualifies for the upgrade but it will be essentially be a free version of Windows 10, just as long as you remain an insider. If you pull your own plug on being an insider, once your preview build key expires you’ll have to purchase a license if your system does not qualify for an upgrade.
    As an insider you will get all updates first whether they are good or bad and will probably have to do more resets and refreshes due to bad updates , but once the updates are stable your preview build is updated and upgraded just as everyone else’s systems are. So essentially yes, Windows insider DO get a free copy of Windows 10, it comes with it’s own set of headaches but it is still free.

  9. So it’s like – become a guinea pig for Microsoft and test prerelease software on your computer and get to use it free. 😛

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