Microsoft to develop software to monitor employee habits?

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  1. Microsoft and behavioral sciences. First they’ll try th software inside Microsoft, then the marketing people will get a hold of it and then… we’ll all be scored/judged by hand gestures, facial expressions, and the like. I don’t subscribe to behavior control -this is what this ‘idea’ is really all about. I have two words for Microsoft and it isn’t ‘Happy Holidays’.

  2. IMO any firm that install any software like this is asking for trouble.

    It is OK monitoring outgoing phone calls etc to check that heshe is not just talking to friend about the previous nights party etc and wasting company money by doing so or that the employee is not rudeoffensive to the customer [and also the reverse] . I can also see the monitoring of an employees punctuality onwith conference calls but the full monitoring of an employees full daily working habits is just asking for employer – employee friction.

    I can understand the reasons behind the idea but I think that this is a step too far. This would bring back the days of having to put your hand up and ask permission to go the toilet.

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