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Software products requiring SMB1

Microsoft lists software products requiring SMB1

Server Message Block or SMB is the file protocol that is used by Windows. SMB1 is the first version of this Server Message Block protocol. Microsoft recently published a list of software products that require SMB1. For these software products […]

NASA releases a bunch of Free Open Source Software you want to check out

NASA has released a bunch of free software to be used in various technical applications. The software catalog 2017-2018 officially released by NASA is organized into fifteen broad subject matter categories. The categories include free codes for highly advanced aircraft […]

Microsoft’s Gov Maharaj gently denounced CCleaner

We all know that CCleaner is among the most popular freeware Registry & Junk Cleaner for Windows. It cleans out the registry and junk files and supposedly makes your Windows computer faster. We say supposedly because it is not entirely […]

DNS hijacking

WhiteHat Security releases free tool to monitor DNS hijackings

DNS or Domain Name System is responsible for translating a domain name such as “” to its corresponding IP address. The IP address consists of numbers that give a unique identification to any domain. With DNS holding such a critical […]

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro, once $399 a year, is free now

A good news for all as recently Google has made an announcement that now Google Earth Pro is available for free. In the past Google used to charge $399 a year for Google Earth Pro but now it’s free of […]

Open-Xchange Launches Open Source Office Productivity Suite

Open source software developer, Open-Xchange is all set to launch its cloud based office productivity suite – OX Documents. The browser-based alternative office suite is built using HTML 5 and Javascript technology & mainly feature an in-browser word processing tool known as […]

Tweetro+, The Windows 8 Twitter App, On Holiday Sale At Just $4.99

The paid Twitter app for Windows 8, Tweetro+ is now available at a discounted price of $4.99 which was previously priced at $9.99. Lazyworm Applications re-launched Tweetro, a popular Twitter app for Windows 8 earlier this month. Lazyworm launched it […]

Microsoft to kill the Expression brand of software

Microsoft will shut down the Expression brand of commercial software that was used to develop websites, & applications. This includes Expression Studio, Expression Studio Ultimate, Expression Studio Web, Expression Design, Expression Design Web, Expression Encoder, Expression Blend, etc. Microsoft will extend mainstream […]

Download Microsoft Project Professional 2016 RTM 60-day trial

Microsoft has released Project Professional 2016 and has made its 60-day trial version available on its website. Project Professional 2016 is a project management software that will help you plan projects and collaborate with others members of your team very […]

The First Free Antivirus to be Windows 8 Compatible is… avast!

Windows 8 users need not install a 3rd party antivirus software since Windows Defender in Windows 8 is actually Microsoft Security Essentials. But still many prefer to install some good free antivirus software like avast! Windows 8 users will be […]

Microsoft no longer features among the top 10 vulnerable products

Russian-based cyber security company, Kaspersky Labs the developers of Kaspersky Internet Security and other security software, has released its latest IT Threat Evolution Report. Some new and interesting findings have been revealed in the regular quarterly report. The report after taking […]

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Microsoft to develop software to monitor employee habits?

The next time you intend to end a conference call early being inside a Microsoft Office, be careful. Because there might just be a software to monitor that. Yes, we know that’s hard, but maybe that’s what Microsoft may want […]

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Crapware makes PCs take more than twice as long to boot up.

This study has put nine machines from the major manufacturers through a battery of tests designed to highlight where they’re being run ragged by unwanted trial software or crapware. Acer, Sony and HP are the worst offenders, as far as […]