Windows App Studio integrates Social Media, adds logo and other new features

Windows App Studio is used by Windows App developers. This tool has been updated with new features, allowing users to develop better easily. Mainly, three new features have been added – New logo and image wizard, Facebook and YouTube OAuth Integration and 8 new fully customizable themes.

Windows App Studio

Windows App Studio

New logo and Image Wizard

A built-in Image control module was the most requested feature of Windows App Studio. With the latest update, you can now add any .jpeg or .png image to the splash screen, icons and tiles. You can even zoom and crop the image.

Facebook and YouTube OAuth Integration

Windows App Studio now provides the API and Data Sources of Facebook and YouTube, to developers. In the latest release, the APIs of Twitter and Instagram are provided. Now, developers can develop apps with deeper functionality. The new YouTube data source lets you choose playlists, searches, or a full user feeds.

New Fully Customizable Themes

With this update, you can customize your apps as you want. You can change the feel and appearance of your apps. Similar to PowerPoint, it provides you some preconfigured templates. You can even start the blank canvas, change background, add colors, and resize text and more. You can define color to some layout and can add images as a header instead of text.

new customizable themes

Some more features have been included. Like for instance:

  • Improved HowTo formatting.
  • Improved screenshots and simulator.
  • A fully responsive Home page.

Windows App Studio is looking forward to provide access to all data sources with security as the key point. Go get it from here.

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