Microsoft ending support for RC4 cipher in early 2016

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  1. Dan

    It’s a good step that one of the most-used browsers won’t support RC4, and hopefully IE/Edge will go further and not support less than TLS 1.2…secure sites need such industry impetus to upgrade. The other year many USA banks went back to RC4 in reaction to BEAST attacks re 256 AES at the time; one my wife uses has been found to have now gone from RC4 to RSA 2048 bit (extended)…which doesn’t support TLS 1.2 or forward secrecy, leaving it open to more attacks than just BEAST, and supports weak D-H parameters so a hacker can downgrade banking encryption. BTW, IE to me appears to also be the only browser reliably not supporting weak D-H (sometimes FF, Opera do but depending on version). Cheers!

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