Microsoft explains what happens to Non-Genuine upgrades to Windows 10

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  1. What is surprising is that a trial version is labelled as non-genuine after the expiry of trial period. How could a genuine Microsoft software, downloaded from Microsoft website become non-genuine after the expiry of trial period? They should simply disable the functionality or lock the software.

  2. I have a win 7 desktop, a tablet and a laptop with win 8.1 and I’m not planning to “upgrade” any of those to win 10.
    The win 10 preview was a disappointment; and the apps on the Microsoft store are very close to useless for me.

  3. I have never used a genuine Microsoft product till this beta version of win 10, and I must say it is the best since NT. I am 70 years past, love this win 10, recommending to all, but I will still get mine via torrents, as I really do not need a computer, it just keeps my mind active being bedridden most day.

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