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Windows Legalization

Windows Legalization price rise is just few weeks away

Especially for India corporate users, who have been pondering on when to legalize their copy of Windows Operating system, the time is now! Microsoft is currently offering an additional discount to those looking to legalize their copy of Windows in […]

Microsoft explains what happens to Non-Genuine upgrades to Windows 10

Since Microsoft announced that they will offer free Windows 10 upgrade to existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1 devices in the first year, there has been some confusion about what will happen to devices on non-genuine Windows. Today Terry Myerson, Microsoft […]

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Microsoft Genuine Windows website gets a facelift

Microsoft has revamped its genuine Windows website and given it a sleek new look. On the new website you can find information on several things like What to look for while buying Windows, etc. What is Genuine Windows Genuine Windows […]