Microsoft first to launch commercial service network in Africa using TV white spaces

The power of the Internet is well known throughout the world. Realizing the same, Microsoft together with ‘Spectra Wireless’ has launched the first commercial service network utilizing the TV white spaces in Africa. The commercial service network launch follows the success of the initial TV white spaces pilot launched in May 2014. With this launch, students can now purchase high speed Internet bundles and traffic at much easier and affordable rate than ever before.


According to Fernando de Sousa, General Manager Africa Initiatives at Microsoft,

“Research by the Wi-Fi Alliance in the United States has revealed that 90% of students view access to Wi-Fi as critical to their success. High speed broadband offers students and teachers a way to access learning resources from all over the world, equalising the divide between developed and developing nations. While the initial pilot project in Ghana offered wireless broadband to universities, this new commercial service allows students to have their own internet bundles, determine their own usage and purchase an internet-enabled device for anytime, anywhere access and enhanced productivity.”

With the launch of Internet broadband access service, a positive step has been taken towards the transformation of education in Africa. The new method of selling Internet service has been undertaken by ‘Spectra Wireless’ together with Microsoft. Now reliable, affordable and unlimited Internet access together with the cheap Internet supported devices will be available for the people in Ghana.

The Ghanaian Cedi per day is the rate at which the data package starts with 24 hour accessibility. The ‘djungleEd ‘service is the perfect example that provides service to the educational sector.

Prof. H Nwana, Executive Director of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance appreciated Microsoft’s initiative, saying,

“Having overseen TV white spaces (TVWS) trials in the UK at Ofcom, I am truly delighted to see Spectra Wireless and Microsoft’s move to make TVWS-based broadband a commercial reality in Ghana, a first in Africa. I applaud the Ghanaian regulator, NCA, in granting a commercial license, which allows use of TV frequencies on a secondary basis as long as TV is not interfered with. This would drive up spectrum efficiency of TV bands in Ghana, and I hope other countries learn from NCA’s decision.”

Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global Summit is going to held in May from 6th to 8th this year where more crucial decision can be undertaken. So stay tuned and expect to see more announcements in the pipeline.

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