Microsoft Flow gets DocuSign, Survey Monkey and OneNote support

Earlier this year Microsoft announced Microsoft Flow, a workflow management tool which is also available for Android and iOS platforms. The interface started offering an option to blend in two or more services in order to create workflows which will let users automate certain processes like file synchronization, data organization, and others.

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Unlike IFTTT and Zapier, Microsoft Flow stresses more on integrating with its own business tools including Office 365, Dynamics CRM, PowerApps and also Yammer. Moving on as part of its latest update Microsoft has added DocuSign, SurveyMonkey and OneNote support. Take a look at its features.


Signing documents is an important part and parcel of almost every business and with this Microsoft has added DocuSign which is arguably one of the most widely used eSignature and Digital Transaction Management platform globally. Users can now trigger flows based on whenever the status of the document changes they can preset a bunch of actions including adding/removing signers from the documents or even creating a new signature altogether.

Survey Monkey

Most of us have heard of Survey Monkey and it is one of the world’s largest provider of web-based survey solutions. It is currently being used by large companies, startups, and even individuals to gauge the customer’s response and in turn act as a decisive platform for the organizations. Interestingly Microsoft Flow can be triggered in so many ways for instance when a new survey is created or when a user adds a response for a particular survey.

OneNote (Business)

OneNote has been a great note taking app so far, it lets you pen down your ideas and sync it along with the sketches and notes across various devices. One can also connect to the Office 365 account with OneDrive and track new sections, create notes and more. Microsoft Flow now adds support for OneNote and users can get started by accessing the ton of templates here. That said Microsoft hasn’t started supporting personal notebooks yet and Microsoft is planning to add the support soon.

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