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OneNote 2016 support extended

Microsoft OneNote 2016 support extended

OneNote had been popular among those who regularly indulge in Office products. It had been especially used to manage ToDo list, jot down notes quickly and more. That said, Microsoft OneNote end of life was approaching, but the number of […]

OneNote Help Chart

Microsoft releases helpful Charts to help users start with OneNote

Microsoft’s OneNote is a powerful note-taking tool which can capture almost anything and can be used anywhere, i.e., offices, schools, and homes. If you are new to OneNote and want to know what it can do, Microsoft has released Charts […]


Voice Dictation comes to Microsoft OneNote Online users

If you are an avid user of Microsoft’s OneNote, it is time that you give your fingers much needed rest. Microsoft has rolled out the Voice Dictation feature for OneNote Online users allowing them to create documents leisurely. The Voice […]

Sticky Notes come to the Web

The Sticky Notes team at Microsoft have been pushing great updates to the app. First, they released an all-new major update with Sticky Notes 3.0. Then they announced the integration of Sticky Notes with the OneNote app and announced their […]

OneNote app to replace OneNote 2016 as the default in Office

Microsoft has been working hard on improving its note-taking app OneNote for Windows 10. The software offers a plethora of options and improvements on the previous versions, and now the cloud-based software is in direct competition with the likes of […]

Microsoft updates OneNote Class NoteBook, Learning tools and Office Lens

Microsoft has been striving hard lately to make OneNote Class Notebook one of the best teaching tools thus eventually allowing teachers and students to be productive. Microsoft has now launched updates for OneNote Class Notebook, Learning Tools, and Office Lens, […]

Microsoft Flow gets DocuSign, Survey Monkey and OneNote support

Earlier this year Microsoft announced Microsoft Flow, a workflow management tool which is also available for Android and iOS platforms. The interface started offering an option to blend in two or more services in order to create workflows which will […]

Microsoft Whiteboard app is now available for download on Windows Store

Earlier this year Microsoft had announced “Microsoft Whiteboard” a tool that would help student and teachers learn better in a more intuitive ecosystem. As one can deduce from the name, the Microsoft Whiteboard is an attempt to digitize the traditional […]

Teaching Programming gets easy with Microsoft One Note Class notebook

Teaching Programming is now easy with Microsoft One Note! Teachers using  OneNote can now embed the executable code snippets from, which is the interactive environment that lets teachers run and save code in the cloud with hassle free setup […]

OneNote app gets an Ink Math assistant

Technology can help students who are struggling academically in school by empowering them with the latest tools and applications. Microsoft is making advances in this field considerably with its OneNote application. Another addition to the app in the form ‘Ink […]

Microsoft announces OneNote Importer Tool for Mac Evernote users

Microsoft has been battling it out with Evernote and on this front, the company has launched a new importer tool to help Mac users ditch Evernote and start using OneNote. The app called OneNote Importer Tool for Mac will facilitate […]

Microsoft announces OneNote Class Note Book Tools for Mac

OneNote has been around for quite some time, and it has been a great Evernote alternative, especially on the Windows Phone. Microsoft since recently has been trying to make a mark with its software products across different operating systems. The […]


Microsoft updates OneNote with video sharing and other new features

Microsoft has updated its information management app, OneNote, with a series of features, most notably providing an access to insert videos. If you use OneNote, then after Microsoft’s April update you will be able to insert videos from portals such […]

Clasbook Add-in for OneNote Customer Preview now available

Trained and experienced educators play a crucial role in shaping the success an individual. A tool that has played immense role in this regards is OneNote. Most teachers, students and schools have been doing some amazing things with Class Notebooks, […]

Now you can access Microsoft OneNote on Apple Watch

A new app update to Microsoft OneNote app for iPhone and iPad brings support for OneNote on Apple Watch. OneNote is a popular note taking application by Microsoft generally bundled with the Office suite. In accordance with Microsoft CEO’s Mobile […]


OneNote: Microsoft updates Clipper to Version 2.0

Microsoft is rolling out a significant update for OneNote that will enhance Clipper to Clipper v 2.0. The new update will make it easier for users to capture content on the web and place them within OneNote for future references. […]

OneNote Staff Notebook

OneNote Staff Notebook for Education introduced

After OneNote Class Notebooks and OneNote for Teachers which helps teachers to create personal workspace for students, creating collaboration space for creative activities and lessons, Microsoft has come up with OneNote Staff Notebook for Education. OneNote class notebooks is confined […]


Free version of OneNote 2013 for PC gets updated with new features

We use OneNote in our mobiles, desktops and in every smart device to take notes, create tasks and many more. We can access it anytime from anywhere. We even share notes with family, friends and also colleagues. Last year Microsoft […]

OneNote for Teachers- A Flexible Digital Application

OneNote for Teachers website helps educators get the best out of OneNote

Microsoft recently announced OneNote for Teachers, a web-based portal for teachers were educators and teachers can learn about OneNote, its features and how best to use it in their profession. The website guides how to create digital notebooks that support academic […]

Microsoft releases OneNote for Mac

Countless or never ending requests for a Mac client of OneNote has forced Microsoft to deliver the note-taking app – OneNote for Mac machines. Yes, the app used for capturing, storing, and organizing all kinds of information is now available […]

OneNote for Windows gets OCR feature to let you scan images for text

One of the most popular Microsoft product, OneNote received another major update recently. The update integrates OneNote app with Windows 8.1 to use Share Charm and other features of Microsoft’s latest OS enhance and uplift the general functionality of this […]

OneNote Celebrates 10 Years of Existence

Although I started using OneNote just recently, the service, completes 10 years of its existence this month. Yes, OneNote was released in November 2003 but till date, is only seen as a new addition to the Office Productivity suite. Clearly, […]

OneNote allows Viewing & Editing In password-protected sections

Microsoft OneNote, a free planner and note-taking software has received a new update. OneNote Web app will now grant access to content in password protection sections. The section allows you to store important notes or data in a password protected […]

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OneNote Mobile for Android available now!

Microsoft has released OneNote Mobile app for Android today. OneNote Mobile gives you instant access to your Microsoft OneNote 2010 notebooks on SkyDrive. “If you’re already using OneNote on your PC, the mobile versions of OneNote let you take your […]

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Microsoft introduces OneNote Mobile App for iPhone

Microsoft OneNote Mobile app is now available for the iPhone. Microsoft and Apple’s relationship has been very  hot and cold. While they compete fiercely in certain segments, Microsoft also develops and releases software and apps for the Apple OS platforms.