Microsoft expands OneNote Class and Staff Notebooks coverage to 151 countries

Microsoft’s OneNote Class and Staff Notebook is now available in over 150 countries with the company adding 90 more countries to its existing coverage. OneNote Class and Staff Notebook app will be available via Office 365 to the added new regions. The announcement to expand follows the recent big improvements that Microsoft’ Office team has brought in OneNote Class and Staff Notebooks this month.

OneNote Class

The OneNote Team, wrote on the Office Blog,

“We’ve heard from all over the world about teachers’ and schools’ desire to use class and staff notebooks, so we have enabled the app in a set of new countries and regions.

In early August, we enabled OneNote Class and Staff Notebooks for 90 new countries around the world—bringing the grand total to 151 countries where Office 365 Education customers can use the OneNote Class or Staff Notebook app”.

Microsoft has been active in promoting OneNote Notebooks recently. The company had recently introduced the “Manage notebooks button”, that allow the teachers to see all class notebooks on a single page with an expanded set of capabilities. Added to above, the Office team also brought changes to the API thereby allowing IT admins to create OneNote staff notebooks programmatically and released a free Evernote to OneNote migration tool for Mac users.

Here are the steps to create a free account,

  1. Go to and sign up for FREE
  2. To start a class notebook, visit and invite students into the notebook and get their own Office 365 account for free.
  3. To start a staff notebook, visit and invite staff members or educators into the notebook and get their own Office 365 account for free.

Microsoft has already extended the privilege to school leaders, teachers, and education staff who do not have an Office 365 Education account to sign up to get a free Office 365 account that will allow them to create OneNote Staff Notebooks for their schools.

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