OneNote app gets an Ink Math assistant

Technology can help students who are struggling academically in school by empowering them with the latest tools and applications. Microsoft is making advances in this field considerably with its OneNote application. Another addition to the app in the form ‘Ink Math Assistant‘ increases the utility of the app by manifolds.

Office OneNote app Ink Math Assistant

OneNote Ink Math Assistant

The specialty of OneNote Ink Math Assistant is that when you hand write an equation, OneNote app does not only convert it to text but also outlines steps to find a solution for it. This capability (intelligent assistance) makes OneNote your math tutor. Besides, it pairs nicely with Editor, the recently announced intelligent writing assistant in Word. The dual combination of these apps makes Office an even better partner to help you learn things more effectively.

Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president of Office team, wrote in a blog post,

“This intelligent assistance makes OneNote your math coach and pairs nicely with Editor, the recently announced intelligent writing assistant in Word. Together, they make Office an even better partner to help you achieve more in your learning journey.”

If you find it difficult to understand functions of ‘Ink Math Assistant’ simply use ‘Ink Rewind’ option and replay capabilities. The option when played helps you understand basics behind the ink you see on a page. Besides these, you can refer step-by-step instructions, follow a sequence of handwritten notes and drawings.

Regular feedback from the customer has helped OneNote developers make the app more creative with ink effects in OneNote. New ink options like new rainbow, galaxy, gold and silver ink options have been added to make the app even more engaging.

The new feature is rolling out to Office 365 subscribers now. Try the new OneNote app today!

To know more about these details, visit Office Blog.

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