Microsoft launches website to help PC users go Green

Nowadays, manufacturing a PC involves a lot of care, not just if the software and/or hardware is compatible or not but also if the material used in developing the PC is environment-friendly. And with today’s society inching close towards a greener environment all around, consumers are faced with a task when selecting the best environment-friendly PC for their needs due to lack of proper information.

Green IT Challenge

Greener IT Challenge

To contribute in this decision-making process, Microsoft has announced the Greener IT Challenge that gives users a wider perspective about the environment and how purchasing the right PC can contribute towards a greener one.

According to Microsoft,  visitors can use the information available on this site to better understand they can:

  • Buy smart: Purchase only certified PCs that have been manufactured in more environmentally sustainable ways.
  • Use smart: Understand various power options so your PC uses energy more efficiently.
  • Dispose safely: Dispose of used electronics so they can be reused and recycled and cause minimal harm to the environment.”

When it comes to practicing green standards, Microsoft isn’t the one to shy away from. In fiscal year 2013, the Redmond-based software giant recycled over 37,000 PC’s ably guided by well-drafted policies about buying greener PCs, configuring them to use the power-saving features in the Windows operating system and disposing of old machines properly so they don’t end up in landfills.

Microsoft also collaborates with various companies and groups across the world to dispose of unwanted or outdated technology and refurbish it for others in need, allowing old electronics to find new life. Read more about Microsoft’s Refurbishment program.

“The site has both video and text about environmentally friendly PCs, their use, and their disposal. It has links to green IT standards, including EPEAT, e-Stewards, WEEELabex, Energy Star, and R2 Solutions. Visitors can use the information to prepare for the “Greener IT Challenge,” which consists of multiple-choice questions. Those who pass the Challenge can download “Greener IT” certificates in recognition of their new competency.”

Take the Greener IT Challenge today and learn how to buy smart, use smart and dispose of your electronics safely.

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