Microsoft makes WinJS JavaScript library Open Source

On April 2nd, 2014 Microsoft Open Tech made the WinJS Javascript Library as an Open Source. The source code of WinJS or Windows Library for JavaScript was released under the Apache 2.0 license. As per this news, the source code is now available on GitHub, where users can try the source code, submit their contributions and provide feedbacks.

Besides this, there’s one more good addition to this. WinJS is also becoming cross-platform; hence will support multiple browsers and devices. Thus, web developers will get the advantage of using WinJS for multiple platforms. On this new addition, the Windows App Team commented on one of the blogs on Microsoft that,

“WinJS is taking its first steps to becoming cross-platform by supporting browsers and other devices. Web developers can now take advantage of high-quality controls and infrastructure, and existing WinJS developers can expand their reach beyond Windows to the web and non-Windows devices.”

WinJS Open Source

How WinJS went cross-platform

WinJS, a JavaScript library, was initially made for Windows 8. WinJS enabled web developers to develop high class, native like experiences in Windows Runtime apps where they could use technologies familiar to them; like JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Afterwards, WinJS 2.0 was launched for Windows 8.1. In this version, new UX patterns like Hub control were introduced. This was the stage where WinJS started focusing on other platforms like Xbox One app, where the look and feel of the Xbox was adopted.

And now, with WinJS 2.1, this library has been extended to mobile devices like Windows Phone 8.1, for which this version of WinJS was brought. The new version of this library is all set to extend its services on other devices and browsers such as Android, iOS, Firefox and Chrome. The Windows App Team narrates the reason behind WinJS going cross-platform as,

“The top feedback from developers who use HTML/CSS/JavaScript for their app development is that they appreciate the reach it gives them across devices. Extending WinJS to other browsers and devices beyond Windows further extends their reach and allows them to bring the personality of Windows apps to the web without rewriting code or learning new skills.”

It will be really interesting to see how the new version of WinJS performs on multiple platforms; especially when it has become an open source. The development process will be now transparent and with users’ experience and feedback, WinJs will certainly become more efficient and rich in features!

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