Microsoft Match will get the perfect Windows device for you

Answer six quick questions and Microsoft Match from Staples, will find the best suitable Windows device for you. More the choices, the bigger is the confusion. Windows offer too many great devices with highly advanced features and specifications, but not every device might suit your actual requirements. Microsoft now wants to help users selecting the correct device for them.

The Redmond giant together with Staples is working on a new marketing program, Microsoft Match which will match you with the best device and suggest you the best suitable Windows device according to your computer usage.

Microsoft MatchMicrosoft match

Staples, Inc. a United States-based office supply chain store has recently started a program that will ask viewers six quick questions about their computer use. On the basis of their answers, the program will suggest them the perfect Windows device.

The six questions are:

  • Do you mostly surf the internet and check email?
  • Do you put your device to work with Microsoft Office?
  • Will you be editing photos and graphics?
  • Do you work on video editing, CAD or visual design?
  • Do you use your device when you’re on the go?
  • Do you prefer a touch screen?

Your Yes or No will let the program choose which is the perfect Windows device for you.

Just go to Staples website and start answering the quick questions with a Yes or No. Once you are done with your answers, the website will bring up a few best options of Windows devices according to your preferences. Just a single minute of the questionnaire and you will be able to decide upon which Windows device you should buy.

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