Microsoft needs to improve HoloLens if it wants to compete with VR

Yesterday Microsoft showed the world what it is capable of when it comes down to great-looking devices. I especially enjoyed the HoloLens demo because it proves the device can be used for gaming, but to what degree?

Many fans of Microsoft are calling HoloLens the next great thing in gaming due all the impressive looking demos, but I am not so sure about that. The main issue we have with the product is the field of view, and it is nothing like what I’ve seen in the demos.


These demonstrations are there to build hype, but in reality, the field of view is minuscule. It is possible to have Holograms in several areas in a room, but because of the tiny field of view, looking at them will not be natural, and that might take users out of the experience.

Long term gaming support:

Microsoft is definitely going to push HoloLens to the video gaming crowd in a huge way, but what kind of games should we expect from the device? So far, everything I’ve seen includes doing something with your hands and overall body, much like the Kinect. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that HoloLens will only find a home with casual players who just want to burn a few minutes.

For hardcore gamers, they will always require a controller, and as such will likely choose to work with a virtual reality headset over HoloLens. We know that Phil Spencer, while fans of virtual reality, doesn’t want it to become the next big thing in gaming.

I have to agree with him because these devices will only push young people away from the real world. But if Spencer believes HoloLens is good enough to keep the next generation of gamers from immersing themselves in some 3D world, then he is completely wrong.

How to make HoloLens awesome?

It is all about increasing the field of view to something substantial. Yes, it is a tough ask, but it needs to happen. Furthermore, I suggest allowing players to enjoy a game built for HoloLens to use a controller. Not everyone wants to wave their hands around as if they are trapped in a deadly jungle and waving to a helicopter that will never come.

Finally, the software giant needs to make sure the final product is inexpensive for mass market appeal. Transform it into a solid gaming product, then sell it alongside or bundled with the next Xbox and witness magic.

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