Microsoft now offers Open-Source software for academics

Microsoft now offers Open-Source software for academics. A recent project web page developed by Microsoft Research Team says that the Redmond giant will now offer Open Source code for its research projects and key software for the educational purposes. Open source educational software are getting popular each day and Microsoft now allows the institutes to explore and use their software projects in the classes to teach the students. Also teachers can add their own code to the software and make it better.


Open-Source software for academics from Microsoft

The project web-page by the team shows a systematic directory of projects and tools offered for the academics. The projects here are classified in various categories like Science, Verification, Programming Models, Society, Artificial Intelligence, Education, Visualization, Document Handling, Systems, Cryptography, Hardware and Cloud Computing.

Some of the showcased projects include:

  • Touch Develop Environment- for creating apps for any device on the web
  • MSAGL Tools- for graph layout and viewing
  • Code Contracts- for expressing coding assumptions in .NET programs
  • F* Program Verification Infrastructure-for proving that program meets specification
  • Madoko-for fast beautiful professional writing
  • Decision Forests- for medical image recognition

The Microsoft Open Source Software Project directory shows several projects in different versions for different platforms. Each project mentioned in the list is linked to a website where the academics can find required information and instructions. Some of the projects need to be downloaded while some can be used directly via the web browser.

The webpage also includes the download links of open source software projects. Users can download them from MS Research website or via CodePlex, GitHub or .NET Foundation.

Check out the Open Source Project page for more details.

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