Microsoft’s ‘Project Detroit’ Mustang car, offers Windows Phone and Kinect integration

Microsoft has unveiled Project Detroit, a concept car created to inspire developers to think about building apps and automotive technologies of the future.

The car incorporates a connected-device scenarios for Kinect for Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Bing, Ford Sync and more!

The touch screen dashboard runs Windows 8. You can remote control the car with your Windows Phone! The Viper SmartStart Windows Phone app will let you locate, unlock and start the car. Kinect controllers will be fitted in the fron and rear end of the car. The rear-screen can display customizable messaged to the car following you. If some car comes close to you, you will be able to display a message, asking the car to keep safe distance!

Some of the features of the Mustang car include:

  • Windows Phone Integration
  • Kinect Integration
  • Cloud Powered
  • Built-in WIFI
  • Digital Instrument Cluster
  • Heads Up Display
  • Ford SYNC
  • Entertainment System
  • External Audio System
  • Customizable rear Windowshield.

If you want a large version of this ‘Microsoft-Mustang’ car image, click here. Would make a great wallpaper!

Microsoft will also be making the source code for the major components of the project available on CodePlex soon.

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  1. Matt Gajownik

    Exciting. And once it’s done, I want it.

    One question though, how come the tablet they used was running the Developer Preview and not the Consumer Preview?

  2. Not a Ford guy but wow…I’d put that top good use!

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