Microsoft Project Oxford has the ability to gauge your Emotional State

The software that used to power our smartphone cameras and apps can also now be used for recognizing emotion states. Yes, the next version of Project Oxford software tools for developers will have the innate capability of recognizing emotional states via image processing algorithms.

Project Oxford

Microsoft Project Oxford

The developments in technology have enabled developers to design software capable of identifying specific people, their age and now even their emotion state. The modern algorithms have pushed these systems further and even further. Project Oxford harnesses these benefits. It is a machine learning service that is part of its Azure portfolio. It allows developers at Microsoft to develop smarter apps by using the developed APIs which include facial-recognition technology, visual tools and speech processing techniques.

Facial recognition, earlier known as artificial intelligence comes as the latest update and has some strong built-in capabilities for, it can “look” at images, analyse the faces in the photo, read emotional qualities from the facial image and determine what the person is feeling by assigning ranks to levels of common emotions including

  • Anger
  • Happiness
  • Fear
  • Surprise or disgust or neutral.

The standout feature of this technology is that it gets smarter over time. The more data you feed, the smarter it gets. The objective of this sort of technology is to build smarter applications that possess the power to read your mood and perhaps anticipate your needs based on that information.

Like most facial recognition technology, Microsoft’s Project Oxford Emotion Recognition tool is based on an extremely complex set of algorithms that examine facial features. You can give the tool a try by uploading your photo.

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