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Microsoft Research introduces a bot that can draw anything you want

Microsoft Research is involved in bringing groundbreaking tech to humans. Earlier, we saw a prototype of 3D Touch where hovering over a touchscreen device would help the user in interacting with the device. This tech was also seen in the […]

Words cloud with Blockchain

Microsoft launches Ether-based Coco Framework for enterprise blockchain networks

Although Blockchain technology has attracted the interest of large enterprises, its development across the financial sector has largely remained indifferent. Microsoft wants to shed this reticence through the release of its Coco Framework, a new open-source foundation for enterprise blockchain […]

Nanoscale computational circuit board with DNA

A nanoscale computational circuit board with DNA built by researchers

The researchers at Microsoft and University of Washington have recently built a nanoscale computational circuit board with DNA. It seems quite a mysterious name for this research. But, the nanoscale computational circuit board with DNA is nothing but a method […]

microsoft ai

Microsoft Researchers are working on AI accuracy as it gets smarter each day

Artificial Intelligence has helped mankind to dream of doing things that would seem impossible just a decade ago. People nowadays are indulging more in using systems, built using technologies that directly engulfs Machine Learning. This calls for a need of […]

17 Tech Predictions from Microsoft Researchers

A year is a long time when we talk about innovation and advancement in the field of technology, especially computer science. So, when Microsoft got their top 17 woman researchers to talk about the expectations in 2017, on the event […]

Microsoft develops breakthrough human-like speech technology

In a major breakthrough for artificial intelligence, Microsoft has developed a new speech recognition software that can identify actions and tasks almost as well as an actual human can. In a paper published this week, a dedicated team from the Microsoft […]

Project Malmo available as Open Source: Use Minecraft for AI research

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence system Project Malmo is open source. Project Malmo established back in June this year is an AI platform built on top of Minecraft. The key is to create a system which surpasses human intelligence and help us […]

Seeing Al Project

Pivothead wearable glasses for the visually impaired in Seeing Al Project

Microsoft is known to bring out-of-the-box solutions for making this world a better place. When user experience is at the center stage; you can imagine what all solutions Microsoft can come up with. As technology is advancing further, Microsoft is […]

Microsoft wants you to use gestures for communicating with your PC

Microsoft is seemingly gearing up for the feature by reducing the dependency on mouse and keyboard and instead focus on advanced gesture features. With the advent of VR technology, it only makes sense for us to make a shift towards […]

project florence

Microsoft Research Project Florence lets you talk to Plants

Thanks to Project Florence, you can now talk to the plants in your garden. We have been hearing and reading that talking to plants or playing music near plants help them grow better. Gardeners believe that plants benefits from human […]


Microsoft unveils Tattio, a Skin Wearable

The job of a researcher is to anticipate developments in the future. Researchers at Microsoft realize this well. As such they have embarked on the mission to explore how technology could be effectively used to augment the human body via […]

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft to store data on a DNA-based archival Storage System

The amount of unstructured data for large enterprises continues to grow. As such, there is a need for them to deploy more storage setups that can preserve data for the long haul while also providing rapid access and performance. The […]


SandDance from Microsoft Research lets you visually explore your Data

The research division of Microsoft, Microsoft Research has released a new tool – SandDance a free data visualization app that allows users to get insights on their research projects. The application will be currently available as a standalone Web-based tool. […]

Microsoft's Project Natick

Microsoft’s Project Natick will put the data centres under water

Microsoft has pulled the wraps from Project Natick which is a mind boggling research endeavor with the potential of becoming the next big thing. Microsoft would be bringing the cloud computing infrastructure to the big cities near large bodies of […]

Microsoft India is inviting applications Research Fellow Program

If you are pursuing the doctoral education in computer science and related areas from any Indian university, Microsoft Research India PhD Fellowships will support you. Microsoft India is now inviting applications for their Research Fellowship Program 2016. MSR has a […]

Microsoft Project Oxford has the ability to gauge your Emotional State

The software that used to power our smartphone cameras and apps can also now be used for recognizing emotion states. Yes, the next version of Project Oxford software tools for developers will have the innate capability of recognizing emotional states […]


Microsoft Research develops, Handpose, a Motion-Sensing System

Microsoft Research has developed a new system that can track in real time, all the sophisticated hand motions that people make in their everyday lives. Microsoft has always shown interest in developing motion-sensing systems. While the advancements in the technology […]

Microsoft is beta testing Project Hyperlapse on Windows Phone

An application named Hyperlapse Mobile Beta has appeared on Windows Phone store. The Hyperlapse Windows Phone app is undergoing internal beta testing for selected insiders. Project Hyperlapse was first announced in 2014 by Microsoft Research and was intended to remove […]

Spying Program

Russian Researchers get success in penetrating the U.S. spying program

Russian Researchers get a major achievement in exposing ‘NSA’s secret weapon’ that let America to spy on every home computer in the world that remains uncovered. The US National Security Agency (NSA) has successfully come out with the technique of […]

ImageNet Challenge

New record in ImageNet Challenge set by Microsoft Researchers

Researchers and programmers across the globe are trying to improve the computer vision and make it as accurate as a human eye. Now, there is a new record set by the system of Microsoft Researchers in the ImageNet Challenge. The […]

SWARM: An actuated Wearable Scarf by Microsoft Research Team

Microsoft Research Team may well be all set to announce its third entry in the wearable market. After the Microsoft Fitness Band and Holo Lens, the research team is ready with its wearable scarf SWARM.  The SWARM (Sending Whether Affect […]