Pivothead wearable glasses for the visually impaired in Seeing Al Project

Microsoft is known to bring out-of-the-box solutions for making this world a better place. When user experience is at the center stage; you can imagine what all solutions Microsoft can come up with. As technology is advancing further, Microsoft is leveraging it to bring solutions that help mankind in all possible ways. One of these most innovative solutions is the Seeing Al Project.

With Seeing Al Project, Microsoft has clubbed hands with Pivothead, makers of the most advanced wearable camera glasses.  With this project, Microsoft is trying to bring in a device that can help a visually-impaired person to better understand who and what is going on around them.

Seeing Al Project

What is Seeing AI Project all about

Seeing Al project is one of the most ambitious projects of Microsoft. This project is special in all aspects. First of all, the important aspect of the project is the key person, Saqib Shaikh, a software developer for Microsoft. Saqib had lost his sight when he was seven years old. Despite that, he has taken the computer and software programming to the next level.

Seeing Al project consists of many important technological innovations and advancements that the Microsoft’s team has worked upon tirelessly. These include Microsoft Cognitive Services such as computer vision API, Emotion API, Face API, video API, Custom Recognition Intelligent Service and so on. On the other hand, Pivothead makes eyewear that can capture images and videos. And the device can live stream what the user is seeing. Thus, Seeing Al project is an amalgamation of Pivothead’s intelligent device and Microsoft’s several technologies.

As mentioned by Pivothead, Seeing Al project combines APIs from Microsoft Cognitive Services with the imaging performance and power of Pivothead SMART. While wearing the glasses, the user has to swipe the touch panel on the eyewear to take a photo. The eyewear will analyze and translate the image to speech and describe what the person is doing, how old they are, and what emotion they’re expressing. A user can take an image of text – from a nutrition label to a news article – and the eyewear will read it to the user.

Watch the video of Saqib Shaikh how the Pivothead glasses make him more independent.

Seeing Al project is certainly a game-changer and extremely helpful for the visually impaired person.

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