17 Tech Predictions from Microsoft Researchers

A year is a long time when we talk about innovation and advancement in the field of technology, especially computer science. So, when Microsoft got their top 17 woman researchers to talk about the expectations in 2017, on the event of Computer Science Education Week, a lot of brilliant ideas were discussed.

Tech Predictions

Tech Predictions

Here are some excerpts from what the researchers had to say about predictions in 2017.

1. Kalika Bali, researcher, India research lab

Multilingual speech and language technology to be improved.

2. Jennifer Chayes, distinguished scientist, New England and New York City research labs

Deep Learning and algorithms will see a rise in advancement and complexity next year.

3. Susan Dumais, distinguished scientist and deputy managing director Redmond, Washington, research lab

Deep learning models will get great advancements in improving the quality of web search results.

4. Sara-Jane Dunn, scientist, Cambridge, U.K., research lab

A theoretical foundation for understanding biological information processing in a better way.

5. Mar Gonzalez Franco, researcher, Redmond research lab

We will see complex virtual systems that will be helpful in tracking and monitoring body movements.

6. Mary L. Gray, senior researcher, New England research lab

Social scientists and computer scientists will together develop new methods that map and measure cultural, economic and political “filter bubbles”.

7. Katja Hofmann, researcher, Cambridge, U.K., research lab

AI-based computer games will take a front seat in revolutionizing both the industries.

8. Nicole Immorlica, senior researcher, New England research lab

Computer scientists will develop automated machine learning tools to help people navigate complex scenarios.

9. Kristin Lauter, principal researcher, Redmond research lab

New mathematical solutions allowing for computation on encrypted data will be deployed to protect the privacy of medical and genomic data.

10. Kathryn S. McKinley, principal researcher, Redmond research lab

The programming language community is continuing to build the foundations of this new software world and some exciting new applications will emerge by the end of 2017.

You can read all of the quotes here.

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