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Microsoft to close its Research lab, Trustworthy Computing Group, etc.

The victim of the latest round of Microsoft restructuring underway is the company’s esteemed Silicon Valley research group. Yes, the news is that Microsoft is shutting down its research facility that focuses on distributed computing. The Microsoft Research lab was […]

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Microsoft Research transforms regular Smartphone Camera into a 3-D one

A team of researchers from Microsoft Research were able to modify a regular smartphone camera or webcam to capture – Kinect-like – depth, with the help of simple hardware changes and machine learning techniques. The team modified the conventional monocular […]


Microsoft turns Bitcoin into a more useful Permacoin

Bitcoin has been regarded as the first digital currency developed in 2008 by developer Satoshi Nakamoto. But most view Bitcoins are created by solving mathematical puzzles and that involves huge computation and resource investment. The method of encryption used to […]

NewsPad Blogging Tool released by Microsoft as Open Source

Fuse Labs, a research arm of Microsoft. FUSE, which is the shortened form of Future Social Experiences Labs is an applied research team that ideates, aims to develop, and deliver new social, real-time, media-rich experiences for home and work. They […]

Microsoft Research releases Interactive City Panorama of Seattle

Capturing a panoramic view, at one point of time was a technique that photographers intensely practiced to master. This involved stitching series of pictures to represent them as a continuous scene. Today, this very task can be completed in minutes […]

Microsoft Research predicts 2013 Oscar Winners

It was just a few days back that we posted about how Microsoft Researchers were secretly working on a new project to develop a software capable of revealing tomorrow’s news today. Now comes the news that Microsoft Research is using a […]

Experimental Microsoft software will reveal tomorrow’s news today

Microsoft Researchers are secretly working on a new project, a project to develop a software capable of detecting disease or violence outbreaks by spotting clues in news reports. The project is a joint venture of Microsoft and Technion – Israel […]

Microsoft closing down South Korean R&D lab?

Microsoft’s Research and Development (R&D) unit based in South Korea will be disbanded by the end of next month. As per the report, Microsoft announced last year to move the headquarters for its Asia-Pacific Research and development center to Beijing. […]

Potatoes substitute for people in in-flight Wi-Fi testing

Did you know Potatoes are being used as unusual substitute for plane passengers for testing its in-flight Wi-Fi system? And that Boeing is using these humble Potatoes for testing? Many of the airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi on their flights and […]

Microsoft launches 14 Innovation Centers in India

The first wave of 14 Microsoft Innovation Centers were launched in India today. Microsoft has signed MOUs with select colleges & technology institutes in India, across four states. These MICs will act as innovation hubs for Microsoft, and will impact over […]

Microsoft shows promising breakthrough in Speech Translation Technology

In a breakthrough discovery, Microsoft has managed to develop a system that translates someone’s speech into another language real time with the translated voice being played back instantly in the speaker’s own voice! This was a fruitful product of the […]

Microsoft To Build Zero Carbon Data Center In March 2013

Microsoft is soon going to build a Zero Carbon Data Center in the US state of Wyoming. This would be a biogas powered data center and would reportedly be the first of its kind. This unusual data center of Microsoft […]

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Microsoft Research unveils IllumiShare for remote sharing of objects

The good people over at Microsoft Research never fail to impress us with their sometimes-small-yet-meaningful innovations. Be it flying a device with a fan inside the office walls or a new social media platform,, they are always up to something new […]

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Begin-Understand-Imagine-Lead-Deploy : That’s Microsoft BUILD for you!

The aftermath of the Microsoft BUILD Conference can be seen everywhere. Windows 8 is the mantra. Those who have it are busy playing with the cool Metro Apps and preparing for the Marketplace. Those who don’t are fantasizing about the […]