Microsoft’s Project Natick will put the data centres under water

Microsoft has pulled the wraps from Project Natick which is a mind boggling research endeavor with the potential of becoming the next big thing. Microsoft would be bringing the cloud computing infrastructure to the big cities near large bodies of water so that they can just install the data centers underwater.

Microsoft's Project Natick


Microsoft’s Project Natick

Microsoft had earlier setup a similar infrastructure 30-feet under water in the California coast for almost four months. The capsules would be completely autonomous and would not be needing human intervention however the computing hardware will be due for replacement every 5-years, in all likelihood it is quite possible that the capsule will be powered by renewable energy.

In the meanwhile, Google and Facebook have been experimenting with flight in order to deliver Internet but the core of the issue is that the servers and the networking equipment’s do need a place to stay.

Microsoft said on its website that “Project Natick reflects Microsoft’s ongoing quest for cloud data centre solutions that offer provisioning, lower costs, high responsiveness, and are more environmentally sustainable.”

It is but obvious for us to think about the ill effects the underwater datacentres might have on the marine life but Microsoft refutes and says that during their earlier deployment of the data center capsule the local vicinity quickly adapted to the presence of the vessel. After this pilot program the Redmond company is expected to come up with large scale capsules globally.

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