Project Malmo available as Open Source: Use Minecraft for AI research

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence system Project Malmo is open source. Project Malmo established back in June this year is an AI platform built on top of Minecraft. The key is to create a system which surpasses human intelligence and help us in basic chores as well as lifesaving tasks in an operating room.Project Malmo

Project Malmo

While we already have the programs which identify and understand human dictation, Malmo is something far beyond understanding. It is rather more about the comprehension. The main goal of Project Malmo is to teach AI agents to understand humans and create bots which can talk to each other. Besides it will also help researchers teach Artifical Intelligence agents to craft and make things, navigate mazes and more.

The project earlier termed as AIX is basically designed for the startups to get an effective way of testing the artificial intelligence programming without the robots. The project now available as open source license on Github allows users to can test their systems with the world of Minecraft. Furthermore, it also helps researchers collaborating and sharing the insights with each other.

Such research usually requires a lot of trial and errors but with the project Malmo, the researchers can now run their experiments faster. It brings out some tool which allows users to conduct the hard research, make adjustments, get results and make progress in a much-simplified way.

Katja Hofmann, who is leading the development of Project Malmo, said,

“The system will help researchers develop new techniques and approaches to reinforcement learning. That’s an area of AI in which agents learn how to complete a task by being given a lot of room for trial and error and then being rewarded when they make the right decision”.

Talking about the project system Jose Hernandez-Orallo, a professor at the Technical University of Valencia, Spain said,

“Minecraft is very close to the real world in many ways. There are so many possibilities.”

Head over to Github to learn more about the Project Malmo.

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