Microsoft to rebrand Internet Explorer?

There was a time when some of us used Internet Explorer to download Chrome or Firefox or for Windows Update. Many still us it to download alternative browsers, even today. Microsoft released that Internet Explorer 6 had given a bad image to the browser brand. In fat people started criticizing about the product as the browser was not up to the user expectations – and insecure too.Chrome has in fact now, reportedly surpassed Internet Explorer market share, making up 32% of all browser usage on the web, while Internet Explorer stands at 31%.

But things started changing with the later versions of IE – as it became faster and very secure! Microsoft realized this issue lately and decided to revamp Internet Explorer, we know older version of Internet Explorer were slow, sluggish, not able to play video properly, had many security vulnerabilities, etc. Microsoft realized this when users started moving from IE to Chrome and Firefox. As those browser offers much better performance, more user friendly UI, receives periodic updates etc.

Microsoft to rebrand Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer team at an AMA session on Reddit  was seen asking users worldwide, to drop their view about the IE features that they are looking for.

In a Reddit AMA session, the Internet Explorer team revealed that it has discussed rebranding the browser. The team made its comment in response to a question regarding the negative public image that Internet Explorer earned, reports Techcrunch.

As times goes by Internet Explorer has really grown up, but due to its negative impression and different memes that are scattered all over the web has ruined its reputation. An exercise to rebrand internet Explorer might be a good idea to hide those black shades.

We briefly considered Ultron, but the lawyers said no, said the IE Team.

The Internet Explorer team has also posted useful links for users to contact them:

  • To file a bug: user can drop that over here.
  • To check new features IE is going to support, click here
  • To get different testing tools like BrowserStack, Virtual Machines jump to this link
  • User can also drop any feedback, queries on twitter at @iedevchat with hashtag #AskIE

In spite of the negative impressions that the Internet Explorer brand has attracted, the brand is still strong. Nevertheless, Microsoft could better consider rebranding and releasing Internet Explorer along with upcoming Windows 9 but how long will it take for user to accept Internet Explorer as default browser – that time will decide. Whether they will rebrad IE or not, only time will tell.

Well, what do you think? Should Internet Explorer be re-branded? And if they were to consider a change in the name, what would you suggest?

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