Microsoft refutes claims of forcefully updating Windows 7 to Windows 10

Microsoft has been in a fray recently with users reporting that Windows 10 is being automatically installed on their system. Further the allegations also point out that Microsoft is intentionally hiding the “Decline” button for the update and in some cases installing the complete update automatically.

Windows 10 PC

Microsoft has refuted the claims and has issued the statement that reads,

Customers continue to be fully in control of their devices, and can choose to not install the Windows 10 upgrade or remove the upgrade from Windows Update (WU) by changing the WU settings.

Microsoft further says,

“We shared in late October on the Windows Blog, we are committed to making it easy for our Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers to upgrade to Windows 10. As stated in the post we have updated the upgrade experience to make it easier for customers to schedule a time for their upgrade to take place.”

Commenting on the decline button, Microsoft said,

“Before the upgrade changes the OS of your device, you will be clearly prompted to choose whether or not to continue, And of course, if you choose to upgrade (our recommendation!), then you will still have 31 days to roll back to your previous Windows versions if you don’t love it.”

Customers still feel that they are not in the control of the updating process and are being apprehensive about the same. Moreover, the company is pitching the updates so aggressively that users for some reason customers might feel that they are being forced to upgrade. Quite a lot of Redditors have expressed their furor over the same and some have also revealed that the Enterprise versions might have also been updating automatically.

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Mahit Huilgol has been using Windows on PC and Mobile since long. He has been following Microsoft developments from close quarters and loves writing about it.


  1. Ed

    I don’t know what all the effin hubbub is about?
    Obviously some Windows 10 haters trying to discredit MS. BESIDES, EVEN IF WINDOWS UPDATE DID download and go to install Windows 10, one is GIVEN enough WARNING by the installer so to stop or revert the installation.
    NOW, my point is, install it now or install it later but sooner or alter you WILL install it whether you want to or not, MS is NOT going to service Windows 7 / 8 or 8.1 forever. These claims by those of Windows 10 being installed without their consent is nothing but pure BS!

  2. Meecrob

    Microsoft… nothing more than bunch of liars. Sound familiar? I bet they lie about their birthdays…

  3. spindle


  4. visomvet

    Windows 7 will work even after MS stops updates. No need to upgrade. The danger is trivial.

  5. visomvet

    People shouting is perhaps a clearer sign of sickness.

  6. Paula Dowell

    Regarding Ed and spindle… i think we got a couple of Microsoft paid employees here trolling this site to help refute the claims against microsoft. especially ED who said that windows update would never upgrade to windows 10 without warning. thats a lie. and he knows it.. LMAO. it not only updated my computer to windows 10 without a warning, it overwrote my recovery partition to windows 10. So for ED to say something like that was absolutely ludicris, he’s obviously a paid employee. And spindle, that name looks kind of familiar to me, i think i seen someone with that name last october on just about every site that mentioned windows 10 telling everyone who’d listen about why Win10 is so much better that 8.1 and how much more features there will be in windows 10 and you’ll have total control over everything, and how windows 10 will be absolutely compatible with all your old software and games as well as new. what a Bulls**ter, lol

  7. spindle

    me a ms employee you kidding me or what but i can always dream i guess, i would be making more that retirement income thats for sure, but keep speculatuing if it makes you feel better i guess.

  8. MD B

    I agree. I have seen plenty of sites that have clones of these clowns to refute any negative statements about Microshit.

  9. MD B

    There is actually a way that you can prevent the malware known as Windows 10 from infecting your machine. It’s a bit time consuming, but worth it:
    Sign into the Admin account on your computer; do a search for GWX;
    change ownership of EACH file in the GWX folder to your computer Admin
    account; change the permissions for Admin and Users to ‘full control’;
    apply changes & save. Then delete each file until the GWX folder is
    empty. You will then need to go into “Services” [through task manager ‘services’ tab, and then click ‘services’ box at the bottom] and find Windows Update in the list. Right click and choose “Properties”. On the drop down menu beside “startup type” choose “disable”. Voila! No more Windows 10 BS bothering you. EVER! Yes, there are risks involved with disabling updates, but none are nearly as bad as being hijacked by Windows 10.

    And, Ed …
    about your statement that reads, “install it now or install it later but sooner or later you WILL install it whether you want to or not….”

    Want to bet on that?

  10. Farmers (Mansfield)

    Just under 2 weeks ago I saw 2 computers, both of which had surprised the user with the ‘welcome to windows 10’ message after being left unattended for a while, without the user having given permission for the update to install. In both cases the update had already taken place, and they had to roll back to the previous version as they specifically did not want the update.

  11. Farmers (Mansfield)

    Wrong. I’ve seen it happen twice now to people who have their own reasons for not wanting the update. In both cases the computer was left unattended for a short while and when they returned the update had installed and the screen said ‘Welcome to Windows 10’. This wasn’t the GWX installer wanting to proceed – the computer had been updated to Windows 10. In neither case had the user given permission for the update to take place. I suspect part of the problem could be that the GWX installer appears to
    be working almost on an ‘opt out’ basis now, where the update will take
    place if the user doesn’t click the right buttons.

    As for myself, I’m a Windows 10 Insider and quite like the new version, but I respect the fact that the owner of the pc has the right to refuse the update for their own reasons.

  12. Farmers (Mansfield)

    Or you could, after changing the owner of the files to Admin, edit the permissions for every user listed and remove the ‘read & execute’ permission. This then prevents any user (even system) from executing the program.

  13. Arch Stanton

    So nice that “THE WINDOWS 10 HATERS” blah blah blah…

    Go through the KB Updates and such then tell everyone that this was NOT forced down our throats.
    Several thousand articles from tech blogs around the world are dedicated to this very issue.

    Why does it have to be HATERS?
    Windows 10 is a buggy POS that left justified your icons and does a ton of irritating things going back to Windows 7.
    I just love how people come out the woodwork and scream that everyone are dumb, haters and conspiracy theorists when there is overwhelming physical evidence to the contrary.
    What do you call those people that blatantly either have no clue what they are talking about or lie through their teeth telling you the sky is actually green and the grass is blue.

  14. Arch Stanton

    Get a life ED, maybe October last year when everything was just released but we know better now.

    I have a list of at least 15 (KB??????) Updates that secretly installed parts of Windows 10 on your computer posed as critical updates and gathered information as to what’s on your personal computer.
    Microsoft can call it whatever it wants but in the tech world its called MALWARE.

  15. Arch Stanton

    Windows Media Center?
    BTW, WMC was replaced with apps to play media which goes through Microsoft Servers and gives a wonderful list of what’s legal or not in the form of your Media and DRM.

  16. Arch Stanton

    As a MS Employee?
    If that’s the case I have a thousand complaints the MS IGNORES going back to Windows 7 if you have a minute starting with saving the positions of folder windows size and positions and ends with treating the HDMI port as a device causing the screen to revert back to 640×480 when you turn your 4K Monitor off making everything left justify.

    Oh, yea..Bring back AERO GLASS and all the other things you took out of Windows that made us love it because Win 10 is nothing but a sterile operating room full of bugs.

  17. MD B

    Ah – I hadn’t thought about that .. thanks for the tip! 🙂

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