Microsoft releases Infographic about Xbox One facts

The gaming industry is looking forward to November 22, 2013 – the launch date in major markets for Xbox One, the gaming console from Microsoft’s stable. Though it faces stiff competition from Play Station 4, analysts believe that the Xbox One can hold on its own.

Xbox One Infographic

Since pictures speak a thousand words, here’s an infographic prepared by the Xbox team highlighting the salient features of the new gaming console from Microsoft, which are listed as below:

  • Users can buy their games on disc, or download them. Their downloadable games will be available and accessible from any Xbox One.
  • Users can trade, rent, sell, gift or loan any game disc. It works just like it does today for Xbox 360.
  • A game can be purchased digitally and users can start playing while it downloads.
  • Users can play games in online or offline mode.
  • They can also check their favorite team’s score on Live TV, answer a call with Skype or go to grab snacks while in the midst of battle. With Xbox One – one can suspend and resume gameplay instantly.
  • Signing in to any Xbox One allows a user to instantly access his/her personal profile, downloadable games, preferences and favorites.

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Xbox One Infographic

That’s a neat list! I’ll wait for the Xbox One to arrive in the market before making the decision of buying one.

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