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Chrome 50 Release

Chrome releases Infographic on the occasion of its 50th release

Google Chrome web browser has just hit its 50th release. Chrome today posted a detailed infographic on the official blog, showcasing the big and impressive numbers. As per the infographic, Google Chrome, originally launched in the year 2008 has now […]

Microsoft releases Infographic about Xbox One facts

The gaming industry is looking forward to November 22, 2013 – the launch date in major markets for Xbox One, the gaming console from Microsoft’s stable. Though it faces stiff competition from Play Station 4, analysts believe that the Xbox […]

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Infographic: The Steve Jobs Timeline

Most of us may have read the news that Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO of Apple, since his health was not permitting him to take an active part in managing the company. This awesome Infographic from The Geeks […]

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Infographic from Microsoft: What do Indians do online?

Microsoft Advertising today released a study entitled ‘Living with the Internet – What is Driving Web behavior’. The study is intended to gain better insights on consumer’s web behavior and aid marketers and brands to tap into these insights, the […]