Microsoft releases Windows Bridge for iOS as Open Source

Microsoft seems to introduce unique ways to reach out to people across the globe with its products. Just when everyone was excited for the release of Windows 10 operating system and its free upgrade; Microsoft released Windows Bridge for iOS as Open Source. Windows Bridge was previously known as ‘Project Islandwood’ and it is the development environment for iOS. By making it an Open Source, Microsoft is expecting more and more participation from programmers and developers across the globe in their ‘open’ development of iOS apps.

Windows Bridge

Microsoft mentions about this release in one of its official Windows Blogs,

“…we are making the bridge available to the open-source community now in its current state. Between now and the fall, we’d love more eyes, feedback, and participation on the code, so we’re doing our development “in the open.””

Effect of the release of Windows Bridge as an Open Source

Project Islandwood or Windows Bridge is expected to be released this fall. This released version’s new capabilities will be added to the Visual Studio development environment. Before that, Microsoft decided to release the early build of Windows Bridge technology for the open-source community. The technology is also released into GitHub.

With this release, Microsoft is making it easier for the Android and iOS developers to create ports for their apps to be used on Windows. Microsoft says in the blog,

“…we’d love for the interested and curious to look at the bridge, and compare what we’re building with your app’s requirements. And, for the really ambitious, we invite you to help us by contributing to the project, as community contributors — with source code, tests, bug reports, or comments. We welcome any and all participation in building this bridge.”

Windows Bridge for Android as well?

Microsoft is also planning to make Windows Bridge available for Android. The Windows Bridge for Android is also known as ‘Project Astoria’. The release is currently available as a technical preview and that too by invitation only. Microsoft is inviting more and more developers every week and expanding this review program. Microsoft is aiming to get all these invitees ready for the public beta release of Windows Bridge for Android, which will take place in the fall.

Microsoft has published the sign up form for same purpose. Read more about this release in detail.

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