Microsoft launches Windows XP End of Support Countdown Web Page

One of the most popular and widely used desktop operating system, Windows XP will be leaving us very shortly. In fact, Microsoft has made a count-down timer widget available on its website that tells us how long Windows XP will be able to breathe.


All Microsoft operating systems come with an expiry date, Windows XP is no exception. Just this month, we saw how many people have started switching to other operating systems as the market share of Windows XP declined from 32 to 28. But, there are still millions of computers that are running on Windows XP that needs to be switched before it is too late.The operating system will work fine even after the deadline, but it won’t be getting any security patches to the already a very vulnerable operating system that is Windows XP.

Given the amount of users who are still booting to Windows XP to work, we heard many nations and firm pleading to Microsoft to extend the deadline, but this widget confirms that no such amendment will be made from Microsoft’s end.

Windows XP once the deadline is crossed, will become a playground for hackers. There are just too many security and productivity concerns with using Windows XP, and users are going to have a tough time securing Windows XP after end-of-support!

On the Countdown2Modern web page, the consumers and partner will get all the information they need to, to upgrade from Windows XP, to a modern operating system.

Microsoft Office 2003 will also be biting the dust this coming April 8, and Windows Server 2003 in July 2015.

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  1. mdmarra

    > Windows Server 2003 will also be biting the dust this coming April 8.

    That’s not true. Windows Server 2003 will enter End of Support in July 2015:

  2. Mouse

    ‘Support Coutdown Web Page’ ?

    I think the word you mean is Countdown.

    When is the Windows 8 countdown starting?

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