Microsoft is beta testing Project Hyperlapse on Windows Phone

An application named Hyperlapse Mobile Beta has appeared on Windows Phone store. The Hyperlapse Windows Phone app is undergoing internal beta testing for selected insiders. Project Hyperlapse was first announced in 2014 by Microsoft Research and was intended to remove camera shakes while capturing a video using smartphone.

Microsoft Research Hyperlapse

Project Hyperlapse on Windows Phone

An year ago, Microsoft Research in collaboration with Interactive Visual Media during the event SIGGRAPH had unveiled Hyperlapse project. Hyperlapse is a technology focussed on advanced video stabilization which virtually eliminates the camera shake, resulting in a smooth, fluid movement through out the video length.

The project was initially started as a way to stabilize screenshots taken using GoPro cameras while on the move. Microsoft has now found out that this technology can be applied to any smartphone cameras, there by significantly increasing the scope of the project.

Our method is fundamentally different from previous approaches. It reconstructs a full 3D camera path and world model. This enables smoothing the camera path in space-time and generating an output video with a constant-speed camera, skipping over ‘slow’ parts of the input video, such as waiting times in front of red lights.

Just as importantly, our method can fill the missing regions in the video above by stitching together pixels from multiple input frames. Thanks to these two innovations we can handle much ‘wilder’ input videos, such as climbing or riding.

You can watch the Hyperlapse in action in this video.

The complete details on this project by Microsoft Research can be found here. The Beta version of Hyperlapse Windows Phone app can be downloaded here.

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  1. Arun Kumar

    I would love to have this feature on my phone. Wonder if there is an Android version! I am planning to move to Windows phone but will wait for Lumia 640 XL. I have an Android based LG E12 but that is only 512 RAM – always hangs when editing documents on phone.

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