Microsoft Research releases Interactive City Panorama of Seattle

Capturing a panoramic view, at one point of time was a technique that photographers intensely practiced to master. This involved stitching series of pictures to represent them as a continuous scene. Today, this very task can be completed in minutes with the Microsoft Image Composite Editor at hand.

Space needle

Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor is a technologically advanced application that has the ability to combine varied overlapping still images shot from a camera into a single panoramic view. The resultant visualisation possesses very high resolution clear enough to pick out minute details from it. ICE can be downloaded hassle free from the Microsoft research website, after quick and easy installation the software is ready to do the job for you. i.e. combine the images well!

Interactive City Panorama of Seattle

Michael Cohen principal researcher of Microsoft Research zeroed in on Space needle building’s 25th floor rooftop in America’s second most literate city, Seattle. The team comprising of prominent photographers with their large camera lenses flicked myriad local artistes in stellar performances.

The iconic venue was chosen as it is the landmark of Pacific Northwest and an observation tower. Thus, the event was eventually identified as Seattle Gigapixel Art zoom project. It comprised pictures of 100 different artistes from dancers to street performers, actors to painters, poets in action at different landscapes across the city. A commendable art, photographers managed to reflect as the vibrancy of the city.

After the completion of photo shoot, it was Image Composite Editors’ turn to stitch them together and produce a perfectly consistent 20-gigapixel, extremely high resolution look-alike as 360 degree panoramic view.

The project Gigapixel Artzone was indeed successful in showcasing the Microsoft Image Composite Editor’s amazing stitching technology.

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