Microsoft releases VideoLoops: A GIF creator tool with progressive dynamism

Quite recently, Microsoft has come up with an interesting application, which enables you to transform a short video into a super-smooth GIF loop. The software named VideoLoops works in such a way that it studies the pattern of the video in depth and then elongates the loop by breaking and adding up frames to it. Microsoft Research has explained further that VideoLoops identifies the motion of the video and then re-assembles additional frames in order to create a ‘temporary consistency’.


VideoLoops from Microsoft Research

The software creates a video loop, where the motion of the objects has been captured to create a perfect loop, resulting into a flawless video. It will allow you to extract a 5 second looping video from a non-looping input video. The software’s proficiency has been much discussed by Redmond in the past few months; in fact a paper and a video were released to describe the application’s features and usage in detail.

The process behind the development of this software is termed as “Automated video looping with a progressive dynamism”, which simply means, analyzing a video to derive or separate the movements of the elements it contains. Further, this analysis comprises of identification of objects moving in a slow and fast speed, followed by optimizing the re-assembled elements to create an impeccable five-second clip.

Just imagine that with a single pixel or a very small region of pixels, moving with the same pace, VideoLoops is capable of creating a fully-fledged animated loop in a rhythmic fashion, and there’s your 5-second video. That’s quite a breath of fresh air from the conventional animated GIFs, whose life depends upon the number of frames captured.

Try it out for yourself, by downloading it from Microsoft Research.

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